Fiasp and Tandem Pumps

Has anyone used Fiasp and Tandem pumps? Apidra started clogging up my sets a month ago after 3 plus months of no issues.

Been using fiasp in my x2 pump for about 4months now I think. Been great. I will get issues if I try and run it past the 3 day mark though.

Thank you. I have used Apidra for maybe 10 years. Used in my Medtronic without issues but I did always have to watch for issues after 2 1/2 days but that has been true for all insulins. I am left with the conclusion that the structure of Apidra is changing and causing clogs all along the tubing as I see diminished amount of insulin flow at the connector point. The main hub point to the cartridge is harder to assess. Why after 3 plus months it started??? Maybe different cartridge and tubing materials, maybe the pump is running hotter all the time as the battery ages??? No idea. So fingers crossed that the Fiasp will go for at least 2 1/2 days.

I have ran fiasp for 4.5 days a couple times.
But the rest of the time I get occlusions around 3.5 days.
I think I have had one time where I was within my 3 day mark and had an issue.
I need to go back to my 3 days ‘on the dot’ timing. I didn’t have any issues with fiasp that way. I just try and get the most out of it when I am paying out of pocket for fiasp.

According to my endo the actual insulin in Fiasp is the same molecule as Apidra. With the added bits in Fiasp maybe it allows it to last longer, but is still prone to occlusions. I tried Apidra and didn’t make it more than a day before my tubing and cartridge were clogged.

Odd timing on this coming up.
This weekend I had pushed my last set to a little over 4 days. I ran my cartridge until empty.
When I was changing it out, I decided to have the pump push out what was left (if you leave the old cartridge in, even empty, it will let you fill the lines.)
When I did this, I removed the long line and only had the 2" line with the connection.
It pushed out a ‘clump’. That is about as good as I can describe it. It was clear, and I didn’t see anything color wise. Just a gel looking substance instead of liquid.
Guess I was fine for sensitivity, it was just NOT WORKING!

I hope my experience will be like yours. I am using fiasp in my medtronic 630 with no issues. I am hoping that will be my case. I really need a mealtime insulin that will help with my spikes after meals. I won’t get the pump until Monday June 22. On the 26th is my training date.