Fiber in Carb Counting

I am getting different advice about subtracting fiber when counting carbs. I have heard 1) subtract all grams of fiber 2) subtract half the grams of fiber if over 5 grams per food item 3) don’t subtract at all. What do you do?

Funny that you mention this…I saw a dieticitian yesterday and she said I can subtract fiber from carbs; I have never heard of this until she mention it. I e-mailed my friend who is a RN and a CDE and she said that I can subtract the fiber from the carbs if the fiber is more than 5g. I actually tried it today, no high numbers.

My question is… what if the food has 4 grams of fiber in it but you are eating 4 foods with 4 grams at the same time? do you subtract nothing because none of the foods have 5 grams or do you subtract half of the the total fiber for the snack? This could make a significant difference.

…I have to admit that I do not subtract fiber, but that does not mean that I don’t take it into consideration. Things that require less of a bolus and have high fiber, for me, are: beans and lentils, raw veggies, most fruits and popcorn. I might calulate a bolus and then decrease it due to the nature of the food. After all, not all carbs are alike.
Wendy, you are doing a super job trying to integrate all this info - give yourself time and it will get easier.
I wish you the best.

I was originally diagnosed T2, and told anything over 5g of fiber I subtract. Soon after, I was rediagnosed T1 so I went through all the diabetic education again - with a different CDE. She told me to always subtract all fiber no matter what! It suprised me a little - but it actually helps me! I rarely go low for overdosing on insulin. Try it out - it kinda helps me “watch my carbs!”