Carb counting?

I recently viewed an article related to how to correctly count carb grams, and after doing so, I have a question for y’all.

My understanding was that when you read a nutrition label, you can subtract the amount of fiber from the grams of carbs to get a correct carb count for that item. The article mentioned above backed this up - but it went on to say that for foods containing sugar alcohols, you can subtract half the amount of sugar alcohols from the total carb count as well.

Has anyone ever heard of this? (I haven’t.) Does anyone follow this method - or do you simply stick with subtracting fiber grams from carb grams to get a total carb count?

Thanks in advance for your input and feedback!

Gosh, never heard of all this. And to think that I say I count carbs! PSHAW!!! Ignorant to the nth degree!!


Lois La Rose

Yes I do follow this protocol , however I understand , that fiber ONLY gets subtracted , when over 5 grams per serving …ie my slice of bread has 18 grams of carb, fiber 5 gram , sugars 1 gram …I do not subtract and bolus for 18 grams of carb.
No wonder we have to learn soooo much :slight_smile:

If you go into Forums and type “fiber” in the search field, you’ll find several other discussions where our members weigh in on the idea of subtracting these elements.

Personally, I don’t do the subtractions. But many people swear by subtracting at least the fiber. It’s worth giving it a try. Like nel peach, I have been advised to do it only with high fiber foods.

I use only the total carb count in my dosaging.

I’m guilty of subtracting fiber from total carbs, no matter the amount of fiber… I will try adjusting my insulin dosage for total carbs this coming week, unless there is over 5g fiber or more. I have my bg readings in pretty good control, but possibly this will allow for much tighter control. Thanks to you all for your comments and thoughts. :slight_smile: