Can you subtract the number of fibers from the total Carbs

I read something on the internet that says when figuring total carbs, you can subtract the number of fibers from the total number of carbs to get the correct carb number. Like on high fiber items, if the total carb number is 44 and the fibers are 4, you can subtract 4 from your carbs. I just wanted some clarification. I know that seems nit picky, but I am curious about such things.

I was told that you can subtract fiber if the fiber content is over 5 grams & then to subtract only half. If there are 8 grams of fiber, you only get to subtract 4 from the carbs. I don’t figure in the fiber, unless something is really high fiber–like close to the number of carbs. Foods like flax seeds, for example, have almost the same number of carbs & fiber.

Subtracting anything over 5 is what I think the ADA recommends. When I’ve done that, my BG’s end up high, so I never subtract fiber. If I’m eating something with a lot of fiber, I just do an extended bolus to account for slower digestion, including all fiber in the carb count when I calculate a bolus.


I have tried subtracting fiber from carbs…I didn’t know a difference. Here is a link to a discussion similar to this one. Click here and it will take you there.

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I have been told to subtract the fiber from the carb count. I do so and have had good results. I would expermint a little and see what works for you. That is the beauty of using the pump.

I was told in a class that it has to be over 5 carbs to be subtracted

My teaching, and the ADA, say that if there is 5 or more grams of fiber, then you can subtract the fiber from the carbs. Also, the ADA says you can subtract 1/2 the sugar alcohols from total carbs. Most of the net carbs you see on packaged foods do not go by these guidelines, so it is always good to figure net carbs yourself.

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Last week I was advised by my dietician that I should subtract all fibre from carbs … new thinking.

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