Figuring it all out

I was diagnosed with T2 about 10 years ago and went into such denial it wasn’t funny. I felt fine, had energy galore and was working fulltime. I took the oral meds like I was supposed to, cut back on what I was eating but that was it. I work in healthcare so I know better, I see the complications of diabetes every day but was SURE none of that had anything to do with ME! Here I am 10 years later and no longer in denial. I recently had a TIA. The combination of T2, high blood pressure and working 65 hours weekly finally caught up with me and boom, TIA. I have no residuals from it and feel perfectly fine but I know I have to make changes in my life. My A1C back in March was over 13 and now, it’s down to 9. I feel like I’m making progress but not fast enough. I have lost a lot of weight but I have to lose more. I’m working on eating the right things and found this site in the hopes to talk with others going through this too. I am finding that I’m really hungry between meals and having go to snacks to get me through. I’ve cut back on the work too. I welcome thoughts and support as many days, I feel alone in my efforts. Thank you for reading.


@Ladybelle first of all, welcome home!!! We are so glad you found a soft place to land. Job well done on reducing your A1c. You’re on the right track. Although I cannot take credit for this quote, we use it quite often here…diabetes is a marathon not a sprint. You have made several strides in the right direction.

As for being hungry in between meals, go for low carb options that will keep your bg stable. I’m a huge fan of pork rinds. Several of us here opt for nuts, cheese, or low carb veggies with a full fat salad dressing like ranch. Please check out our recipes forum. We have so many creative ideas to help you get through the hunger pangs.

One last thing. @askmanny is the founder of the Diabetes Hands Foundation and this website. He created it with the goal that no diabetic should every feel alone. I guarantee you will find nothing but positive support and a sense of family here.

Good luck with your journey!!

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you so much, curlysarah…and I like the marathon thing too. I like that there are people who understand exactly what I am dealing with, what I am facing and the battle it sometimes is. What a relief that is! I hope to learn a lot from all of you and maybe something I’ve been through will help someone else. Since I am the grocery shopper in my house, it begins and ends with me at the store. I did find the sugar free puddings that help that sweet urge. There are a lot of options out there especially since society is focused so much on healthy eating. I’m trying and I so appreciate your words of encouragement. I need that!

Welcome, I am a type 2 of 22 years. Even now food can haunt me. But if I stay in my routine I do much better. Exercise is a big part of my life. Helps keeps my numbers good. I have a little sign in my cupboard" if my A1c is ok ,so is everything else. " just a reminder to do what I know to do. Take one meal at a time,one snack at a time ,count those carbs. Life is good…nancy

May I suggest you have a thorough eye exam by an opthamologist? We have a recent thread about how bringing down a high A1C quickly can cause (or hasten) retinopathy. It happened to me. Get checked out soon. And congratulations on a 4% drop in your A1C.

Oh thank you, twinchick. I like your sign…and that makes sense too. You’re right, everything hinges on A1C. Today, I tried the pork rinds for snack. Crunchy, salty and pretty good. My weakness is all the fat-filled carb foods…bread, pasta, potatoes. I eat more salad these days and I already love veggies so don’t feel like I’m giving up something I like. I struggle with my own temptations and with the holidays coming, I know I have to prepare and plan more. At work, someone is always bringing in something sweet…they park it in my office so I just take it and park it in someone else’s. Why do people do that when they KNOW someone is a diabetic. AND, they are healthcare professionals! Stay the course, right? Thank you for your wise words. I need them!

Thank you, MIchelle43 especially for the cheer about my A1C. When you put it like that [4% drop] it sounds like I accomplished something. I need that too. I need to see progress in myself and trust that the work is worth it. It’s my life I’m trying to save, after all. I see the ravages of DM, the kidney failure, the amputations and I don’t want that to be me. I see my primary MD in a few days and want a referral to the opth so I can make sure that is ok. I appreciate your kind words and support so much. Thank you!