Approaching two years

Never thought I'd say this, but as I approach my two year diaversary things are definitely better and easier for me.

Dx T2 (A1C 13.2), I spent the whole first year learning what to do, modifying my diet, looking out for complications and hypos, worrying about lowering my cholesterol, exercising every possible evening to get my BGl down. Essentially I was living for the next A1C. I did alot of mourning that first year, especially over missed foods. God I hated making open-faced sandwiches! I frequently dreamed about eating (cake, bread, etc). I was angry and worried alot then.

After a year, I began to calm down & kept plodding along with healthy habits and measuring portions. I knew what to anticipate about Thanksgiving and other holidays. Around that time, I stopped taking another (non-diabetes)med & my BGl went down . . . enough that months ago, I could get by on just metformin & by reducing my carbs a bit more. My last A1C was 6.1. My management is obviously working.

At two years as a PWD, although I still fight cravings, I no longer dream about food. I have many regular food & exercise habits that make me feel good. I keep reading up about diabetes & trying new stuff. (Posts at & continue to boost me on this trek.)I sleep well, my energy is good. My daily diabetes anxieties are much diminished. Overall I feel a sense of control and well-being.

Congratulations on your journey and the good place you are today!

Congratulations on your progress and great A1c result. I am also approaching my 2 year, in October. I spent a lot of that first year like you did. With the added bonus of figuring out insulin. Had too many lows, but finally got the hang of it. Still, it can have a mind of its own sometimes. Figuring out insulin and food was a task, but the thing that was the hardest for me was living with a routine. No more eating whenever and whatever. No more sleeping in unless I get up and take my basal and have something to eat. I spent 50+ years winging it through each day. Now I plan each day and stick to a routine as much as possible. But, I feel so much better than when my A1c was over 12.

Yes, I've had it easy getting by on just oral meds. I agree that maintaining a routine is very good. I definitely have a different attitude about traveling now. The friends that invite me out for "drinks" at 10 p.m. think I am such a party pooper.

Congratulation on your hard work and the pay-off that came with it. The success you have had is proof that commitment is the key to living with diabetes. This is a lesson that everyone can use no matter what stage they are at in their D life. It looks like you learned it early.

Gary S

Congratulations Deborah!