Fill Canula

I have a odd question. This morning I woke up very high and assumed it was a site problem, so changed my set. I then gave myself a correction. After messing around for awhile stalling breakfast it dawned on me that I hadn’t done the “fill canula” (I’m definitely not at my best in the morning!). So I did that, stalled a bit more and am still going up, not down. So my question is, did I get the 2 units I bolused before I did the “fill canula”? Or did I get it after I filled the canula? Or is it lost somewhere??

Is it in your history? I just disconnected and primed, but didn’t fill the cannula and bolused and it definitely went through. The only insulin you wouldn’t get is whatever dosage you’d normally fill the cannula with.

Thanks, Scott. Yes, it was in my history. I actually may have a second bad set - they do seem to come in pairs sometimes! I did a pen shot, so I could eat my weekend eggs benedict and not be through the stratosphere!

We just went through the training. The cannula required 0.7 units. So, if you bolused for 2 units, u probably got 1.3.

If you later did the “fill cannula” it was probably like doing a combo bolus.

Also, each cannula style is not necessarily the same.

Disclaimer: careful taking feedback from a rookie like me!

No, thanks, MI Dad, I appreciate it. I’m pretty logical, but if anything gets close to “mechanical” in nature, I’m “unclear on the concept”. The canulas take different amounts to fill, depending on size. This one is the 9mm straight so it only takes .50. I also use the angled ones that take .70 and the 6 mm that only take .30. I always have to think before I fill. Actually it’s been awhile since I had a set problem; I had them all the time when I started 3 months ago, but now it’s only occasional. I’m still trying different types of sets to see which has the least problems for me. But problems like forgetting to fill are just my lack of being fully awake! (good excuse)

Also, keep in mind, when you “filled the cannula” with it still attatched (after you bolused) you would esentially be bolusing that cannula amount. Overall, it’s a zero net effect, but keep this in mind before trying to correct for anything.
For example, if your cannula requires .50 units to fill, and you bolused for 2 units before filling, you essentially got 1.5 units plus some air (no biggie obviously). Then when you filled the cannula for .50 units, that went directly in, since your cannula was already filled. makes sense? So you don’t have to make up for that portion of the original bolus that you “missed”, as long as you filled the cannula. Just depending on timing, your IOB may be a bit off.