Low spells after infusion?

Hi Everyone! I am new to this site and so far I've liked what I've seen on here. I've been diabetic since I was 6 and back then, it was years before I met anyone that had diabetes. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has experienced some minor low spells after changing your infusion site? I tend to be in the 60's to low 70's after changing. It's almost like when I fill the cannula, i am receiving extra insulin. Any thoughts on this?

My first suggestion would be to review your set directions to make sure you're using the right amount to fill the cannula (I did mine automatically for awhile then went back and saw I'd developed a wrong habit!).

The only time I do see a significant drop in my blood sugar right after I change my set, is when I've discovered I have a bad site and am high, then I take it out and replace it and have instantly dropped significantly (since I changed it because I was super high I'm not actually low after). Does it happen every time?

not every time. My pump advisor set the amount to fill my cannula. She said most all people use "5" so my pump automatically uses that. What is the harm in backing it down to 4? I have had the pump for 6 weeks so I'm still learning things.

Double check the length of your canulas. If you're using the 6mm canulas, I believe you need 0.3 units. If you're using the 9mm canulas, you would need 0.5 units to fill the canula. If you don't fill the canula completely when changing your set, you will get the wrong amount of insulin when you bolus or with your basal rate.

I am using a 6mm so it does sound like I am getting too much. Thanks for that info. Maybe I should back it down to 0.4 and see if I still have low spells. If not, then I should be good to go. : )

Your set instructions should have the correct amount. It depends on the canula - I know Animas makes two types and for one I used .50 and for the one I have now I use .70. I would check the instructions.

"All people use .05" is incorrect - it depends on the length of your canula. Check your set instructions. Don't guess.

My best day is the first day and my BG will sometimes take a little dip but my body starts rejecting the infusion set and by the end of day three I'm running on the high side of my target range...

thanks for all the comments and information. My next infusion set up should be better.

I have the opposite problem—I go high (250-350) after almost every site change. It's like my body takes a few hours to actually start absorbing the insulin. I use a 17mm (angled) set and prime 1.0 units (supposed to be 0.7) to fill the cannula and still have highs; I'd prime 1.5 if my pump would let me.

Wow...thats quite a bit and a long needle. I was reading my infusion set directions and it says to use a .03 for 6mm which is what i use. I have been priming with .05. I think a .04 would be a happy medium.