Fill out a diabetes survey, get paid $5 or help a diabetes charity in return

This morning, I received an invitation to fill out the latest dQ&A Spring Survey from our friends at diaTribe. In this survey they are investigating the potential for mobile phones to play a bigger role in helping us manage our diabetes.

It doesn’t take long to fill out and if you do, you get paid $5 when you complete the survey or you can donate the money to a diabetes charity (we are one of the options you can choose!!) and you enter into a drawing to win one of ten $200 gift certificates.

If you want to take the survey, please send an email to

In the interest of full disclosure, Kelly Close, Editor-in-Chief of diaTribe, is an advisor of the Diabetes Hands Foundation, the nonprofit that runs

This is great, thanks for sharing, sending an e-mail right now

HI I would love to donate to your charity … please send me the survey
xooxo c

Done. Thanks Manny.

Hi Carolyn,
All you need to do is send an email to:
telling them you want to take the survey.

Thanks so much!!

Thanks for your guys’ support!!

I’ve been filling these out for almost a year now and they are interesting, plus you get to potentially influence diabetes product development. How cool is that?!

When I filled it out this afternoon I had my donation sent to TuDiabetes, too! :slight_smile:

Not a cell phone user …and have no intent to get one ( oh , my I am from the old school ) …yet I love doing surveys .

Hi! I just requested the survey. Thanks for all you do. S. M. Reid

Great, sending email now… then donating back :slight_smile:

Manny, I will be taking the survey also and donating to Tudiabetes…

Filled out the survey and donated the $5 to Tu!

awesome :slight_smile:
I just sent an email to them.
Thank you for all you do!

Email sent…Can I take it twice so there will be a $10 donation? Nerver hurts to ask, right?

Thanks for asking. I imagine that will defeat the purpose of the survey. :slight_smile:

Hi could you please send me the survey, thanks xx

I’ll help too

The format for the email you have above, will not work. Please send the correct email. Thank you so much. Am I the only one who has a problem?

It is about time that you come in the 21st centuryReply from beautifull Ontario. Have a great day sunny weather here but loosy temparatures

I would Love to donate to your charity for the Kids!