Paid online survey

Health Advances, LLC, a healthcare research firm, is seeking people with diabetes to provide feedback in an online survey to help inventors and manufacturers improve insulin-delivery technologies. Payment is $50 for respondents that qualify and complete the full 30-minute survey. Please email or call Monita at or 415-745-3136 if you are interested in doing the survey. All survey answers are anonymous and reported in aggregate and no responses are linked to an individual person.

I qualified, completed the survey and will be receiving payment! It was actually pretty interesting.

i qualified, I completed I am done.

Very cool survey. Just finished it too.

I did it too, it was interesting!

I did as well. It was interesting, though I wish I had been able to give reasons for some of my choices.

I felt the same way. I wanted to explain some of my answers.

I did add a couple comments at the end. In particular when it kept asking if I'd buy a product that day if it had various options. I said I wouldn't buy anything without further research and without checking my insurance coverage.

I called and emailed them and hope to hear back...