Finally trained

On using my CGMS after using my CGMS for two weeks…

I did learn a couple of things about the Medtronic system

  1. You need to turn the wireless on your meter off. When the engineers at Medtronic were designing things, every test your meter sent to the pump was considered a calibration test. In real life, this was a mistake. You don’t want to have a calibration number entered when your sugar is changing rapidly. And guess what? When it is changing rapidly is when we may be testing most. Now you have to manually enter your meter readings for both calibrations and using the bolus wizard. I guess I’ll get used to it, but I do find that a huge pain in the rear.

  2. Don’t use an IVPrep wipe to prepare the site for your sensor. It seems the enzymes on the sensor are affected by the IVPrep solution and can shorten sensor life. Once the sensor is in, you can use it around the site so the tape will stick better if you want.

  3. Medtronic has a free Tape Kit that you can call and ask for that has samples of various kinds of tapes and things so you can find what works best for you

  4. Be standing when you insert your sensor or insertion set. I had never heard that before.

All in all, I like having the sensor. Mostly because it can wake me in the middle of the night if I go low, but also because I can see my overall patterns and my current trends. I want to do something different at lunch if I’m at 90 and trending downward that I do if I’m at 90 and trending upward. Before the sensor, I had to guess. Sometimes I guessed right sometimes wrong

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Today’s snarky comment: The police will not think it is as funny as you do

re number ONE …this is why I use 2 meters , both Bayer contour , one LINK , the second one not LINK …In Canada , we use Bayer with our medtronic pump …most of the time I know for callibration to use my green skinned meter and red skinned, when I am not calibrating …it has helped me a bit, but your are correct to state, that one has to manually add one’s meter result .

Number TWO…I recall being instructed NOT to use IVprep. As a matter of fact I don’t even use that for my infusion set, after someone at the pharmacy , who is a pumper , told me that she never uses the stuff. I clean the site with H2O and soap …it works for me .Weather has not been too hot here; things maybe different when over 80 degree weather and I sweat.

Number 4 …indeed stand and …pull the skin taught .

Almost ready to get set for another sensor ! taking a 2 day holiday :wink:

My infusion sets just don’t like to stick to me without it. I have the same problem with plastic bandaids, only the cloth ones will stay attached

you more hairy than me …I am just fuzzy ( peach :slight_smile: