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i Have had T1D for 8 years and recently switched from a Ping & Deccom to a Medtronic 670G. I HATE IT! I’m have nothing but trouble - repeated site failures, problems with the CGM sensor going bad or asking me over & over to calibrate. Plus I’m super allergic to the CGM tape. I’ve been retrained in the system once but it hasn’t improved things much. During the brief tome last week when all parts were working well, it was pretty great. Other than that, I feel I’ve entered diabetes hell and I’m sick of dealing with it. I know there are probably solutions to be found on this site but right now what I need is a listening ear and some sympathy.
Thanks, Clara


I hate new hardware. Always such a pain! My doc was talking to me about the Medtronic system last week. He likes it. I mentioned that a lot of you guys were complaining about it and I might give it a couple years before trying it out. I am still mad at Medtronic from difficulty with earlier pump models. It would be difficult for me to trust them again.

You are not alone as someone experiencing difficulties with getting the 670G to work well. Many report satisfaction but I’ve also read many accounts like yours. It’s frustrating when a therapy doesn’t work for you even after much effort.

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The 670G + Guardian 3 CGM can be a handful to deal with the first couple of months. Some people have gone back to keeping it on manual mode to save from dealing with nites of being woke up to recalibrate in the middle of the night. I was on it for two months before it settle down to allow me to sleep all night long. Calibration is the one thing I hated the most with it…its seem every couple hours its asking you to calibrate for some reason or other.
Manual mode with the CGM still lets you see your SG levels and will let you know if your running towards being low and stop giving you insulin. For me that was a better option.

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Hi, ClaraB. Welcome to the group.

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Ugh. I’m so sorry it hasn’t yet met your expectations. I find diabetes to be very precarious and the slightest variable change can set a stream of horrible events in motion. I’m always wary of making changes for this reason.

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Specifically for brittle diabetics. I have the same issues, even though a pump user myself.

My name is Harry and I am a 61 year old male, Type 1 diabetic as a result of pancreatitis in 1989. Currently taking 30 -40 units of Humalog Kwik Pen insulin via sliding scale for each meal based on carbs & protein and ~66 units of Lantus at bedtime. Went to Doctor (GP not Endo due to location) who asked that I give Tresiba Insulin a try. She has me starting out at 10 units/night with a 1 unit adjustment up or down depending on BG readings. As I stated earlier, I am currently taking 66 units/night. The Tresiba literature that accompanied the insulin (Dr.sample) as well as the Tresiba website stated that a conversion from one type of Long Acting insulin to Tresiba should be a 1:1 conversion. Anyone have any experience with type of conversion from Lantus to Tresiba? I would be greatly interested in hearing from you.

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To quickly treat my glucose I use Humalog on a sliding basis. For long-acting insulin, I used Lantus until my insurance quit covering Lantus and it went up to full price. My physician changed me from Lantus to Tresiba.

I started using 16 units of Tresiba in the morning and my Endocrinologist noted that my glucose went down to 40 at night, while I was asleep.

Now I use 12 units of Tresiba in the morning and I cannot tell any difference between Lantus and Tresiba.

Hello, I am a new member. My wife and her dad are the ones who have type 2 diabetes, we are looking for new dietary ways to control it. It has been good ok so far with low carb type stuff, but we are always experimenting and looking for new methods.

There are many here who do low carbs, and many discussions sharing recipes, etc. Use the search button for low carb, and join in.