Does any use Medtronics Real time continuois glucouse monitoring for paradigm 722

I have the cgm for my pump. I have had it for a week and it seems to work sometimes.
The other times, it sends my pump into an alarm for a lost sensor. I have had to update my BG with it severel times because it has been off by 30 points. I am going to call Medtronics to get help with it. I just wanted to know what other people thought of it.

Hal Goldstein

I have the cgm, but don’t wear it all the time. When I get a “lost sensor”, it’s often because the pump is not on the same side as my sensor when I am sleeping. For some reason, having my sensor on one side while the pump is on the other side of the bed causes this.Being off by 30 points does happen-it’s frustrating. Are you calibrating your sensor as recommended in the user guide? It could also be a bad site. I learned on this site that if you use the sensor to track trends of highs and lows you are better off than trying to have your meter and cgm “match”. they often will not-again, frustrating!

Don’t give up on it, though. See what they tell you at Minimed. Hope you get some answers!

On owning the CGMS for a little over a year, I’ve had maybe 3-4 ‘bad sensors’ rrors and such. Generally, once I learned my bod, I put in a sensor the night before I want to start it. This gives it time to settle in and get wet in the interstitial fluid. On wake up and taking off the old sensor, I charge the transmittor and plug it in and start the new sensor.

Now, With that one adjustment, I’m having good times with my CGMS. I’m on day 12 with my current sensor!! Hoping for 3 more days and will start a new one.

I guess I have a ‘Minimed body’ :slight_smile:

I agree with Jenny… putting the sensor in the night before you hook it up to the transmitter is the way to go. Another suggestion I have is to check your fluid intake. I initially had troubles with mismatch numbers and lost sensors and such, but increasing how much water I drink really synchronized my numbers (and made me feel better in general). Best of luck! Once you work out the kinks, the CGM is really worth it :slight_smile:

Mine definitely gets off sometimes, and in particular, during the first few hours after activation - it seems to really need that second calibration. Even then I find it occasionally gets out of whack and can be off by 100 points or more at other times (I’ve had it get off by over 200 on the high side, not showing as high as I was when I had a bent cannula this evening, and also had it show me at 80 when BG was 40) - but not that often after the first day, and it tends to be more accurate the closer you are to normal range. I also had a bad sensor in my first batch that after an hour on the phone with them, they finally agreed was bad and sent a replacement, this will happen every once in a while.

I just switched to the MM CGMS at the same time as going to Paradigm 2 weeks ago after 3 years on DexCom + MDI, which also had the same issues occasionally. (With DexCom I got an entire lot of bad sensors earlier this year which had me having bad readings repeatedly for months, and they swapped out a few of them but wouldn’t do the whole lot, wanting me to go through customer service one sensor at a time, over and over. That, and the customer unfriendly way they handled the latest upgrade, pushed me to switch.)

One thing I’ve found creates big problems is bleeders - if you hit a vein and are bleeding when you insert the sensor, it really needs to settle down and stop bleeding for a few hours at least before you try starting it up (and it may not work at all and need to be pulled in a bad enough case).

I love the MM 722 with realtime because it really helps me notice the trends. if you calibrate correctly, that will solve nearly all the problems in my experience. make sure that your bg is very steady when you calibrate, and always keep the pump as close to the sensor as possible and I have not have problems with lost sensors. After day 6 or 7 though, I find the sensor does become more unreliable and starts to say lost sensor a lot more frequently. Make sure you are watching the ISIG numbers occasionally to see how good the sensor signal is!!
Hope this helps!

I just wanted to thank you for your comment. I am going to try the night befor like you said and I will increase my fluid intake to see if that helps. I will let you know… Thank You. Hal Goldstein

Thank You for for your comment. I do love my MM722 pump. It is my best friend. I will keep trying the cgm.
Thanks Hal Goldstein

Dave’ I will keep that in mind. I am going to try a few things first. Then if that does not work, I will call Medtronics and go from there. Thanks, Hal Goldstein

Also do be aware that you do occasionally get bad sensor lots, so if you’re having lots of way-off values, don’t assume the sensors are perfect. After several times on the phone with MM during my first few weeks, last night they decided I might have gotten a bad lot and are sending me a replacement batch. It’s been a pain in the rear getting started, but so far, MM customer service has been excellent to work with.