Financial help

I've been sinking financially lately. I've had 2 jobs since I got diabetes and 2 insurances. Last month I was billed over $900 after both insurances. Does anyone have any suggestions? And yes, I've called both insurances and there aren't any mistakes. My insulin was $200, my pump supplies were over $600, and my test strips were $200.

Start with the drug and device companies themselves. They all have assistance programs for low-income PWD.

Also, most insulin manufacturers have some sort of "intro" offer for one-time free or reduced-price insulin. For example, Lilly had a coupon for a free box of 5 Humalog pens for a long time -- it's probably still there if you check out their website. 1500U will last a T1 without insulin resistance quite awhile.

Sanofi, Novo Nordisk, etc. all have similar intro programs.

As far as strips go…when I didn’t have insurance coverage I was using Relion brand from walmart. $10 for a box of 50. And what dave said about the insulin manufacturers. They have patient assistance programs that I also took part in when I lost my job a couple years ago. Was paying only $12 for 3 month supply of Humalog and Lantus. Good luck.

I think we all worry about the costs. And part of the real problem is navigating this complex system where we don't directly pay for healthcare and insurance companies have made things a total maze. It really isn't possible to understand your issues in a one month picture, you have to look at the annual costs. I take a variety of actions to try to reduce costs such as ordering 90 days supplies through mail order and trying to make choices to use generic or branded items. I know that in my case I can get strips for testing 4-6 times a day for 90 days for $40 copay (after deductible has been met). If I was faced with $200/month for test strips I would do like Troy suggests. Some of this is just figuring out how to navigate the maze.

Unfortunately, I don't fall into the low income bracket with my 2 jobs. And, the only assistance programs I've run across have been for people without insurance coverage. I'll look into their website though. Thanks

you might find something on this page

Plenty of good advice on this thread regarding drug company assistance programs. Also be sure to look into co-pay reduction programs offered by the drug companies available to everyone.

You might want to consider returning to MDI until your financial situation improves. Not only does Walmart sell their own branded meters/strips at a great price, they also sell regular Human insulin for $25/vial over the counter without a prescription. The drug manufacturers would like you to think that Analogs are essential, when in fact I've found regular insulin's action is really not that much slower.

Even with insurance there is a copay reimbursement program with novolog/levemir and I think there are other programs to help reduce the cost/copays too which have no income requirements, I would definitely look into that. The relion walmart meters and strips are very low cost, depending on how much you test.