Finding a doctor who supports my low carb eating!


I'm looking for a new endocrinologist in Houston, TX that will support my Dr. Bernstein, low carb diet. Do you know of any? How did you find out if your endocrinologist would support it?

Thanks, Hannah

Hi Hannah,

I don't live in Houston, but I wanted to help. General internet search results for drs supporting low-carb eating in your area:

Joel S. Kneitz, MD
Internal Medicine
Saint Lukes Medical Clinic
6624 Fannin Street
Suite 1240
Houston, Texas 77030
(832) 355-1000

Gerardo Bueso, MD
Endocrine Associates
5711 Almeda Rd
Houston, Texas 77004
(713) 520-8385

I hope this is helpful. :)

Thank you so much! I did an internet search but somehow missed this. Much appreciated!

You're very welcome! I know how difficult it is to feel like you're fighting with a medical professional that you really need support from. I truly hope you find a doctor that fits your needs!

Fighting with or teaching. haha.

Thanks again.

I thought my endo was fully on board, and actually sounded pretty knowledgeable about the 6/12/12 diet.
Then during my last appointment, I mentioned it again and he spoke as though he'd never heard of anything so stupid and then went on about kidney function.
When I mentioned I was taking 6 and then 12 CARBS, rather than...I am beginning to imagine he thought I meant exchanges, he wasn't so understanding, nor did he claim to have heard of Dr. Bernstein.


I feel like I start fresh every time I have an appointment. Each encounter is random.

Here's a list of low carb friendly Dr's. You can do a search for a state or city in the upper right.

I'm sorry, I can see how that would be so frustrating. It amazes me how someone so educated about health can miss the low carb diet's benefits. All the conventional knowledge of high carb and more insulin is obviously so ineffective. It's endocrinologists job to be able to help diabetics... so the fact that they haven't researched it enough to know who Dr. Bernstein is, is just annoying.

Sorry for the short vent, just frustrated at the current system.

Best of luck on finding a supportive and knowledgeable doctor.

- Hannah

Thank you!

You can look at the board over at There is at least one discussion of Dr. B friendly doctors in Houston. They also have some discussion of the doctors mentioned below.

Thanks, I'll check it out!

Any luck? We are in Dallas. Have an 8 year old who follows Dr. B. and a Children’s Hospital who is clueless about anything other than

I started seeing an osteopath, rather than a traditional MD. He is totally on board, but wants me to keep seeing my endo (smile and nod approach).

My endo told me some BS about needing glucose for the brain (yes, doc, except the body can produce all the glucose your brain needs from protein--it's called gluconeogenesis) and told me to eat a minimum of 60g/day.

The osteopath told me that I'm smarter and better educated on the latest nutritional research than most docs.

Trust yourself and do your research! Don't blindly listen to doctors... they often say things that are 1) blatantly wrong or 2)poor advice.

I blog about this kind of thing:

My doc is a DO, not an MD. He is the best listener and team player I've ever found. He treats me like a peer, not a wayward student. We solve problems together. Only way to go.

Loved your Blog Laura. Just goes to show we need to educate ourselves and be involved in our treatment. They used to believe your needed 120 g for our brain, so 60 is actually an improvement:)

Thanks! That was only after I told her there's no way in hell I'm going back to carbs, so that was a compromise.

My new doc is totally on board, but he's not an endo.

Hannah, did you ever find a good endo? I'm definitely looking as well!

Thank you! I've been looking for such a list!

Has anyone had any experience with the doctors on this list in the metro New York City area? Dr. Richard Bernstein is on the list. I would like to find a doctor that has a combination of experience and support for low carb eating and would accept my personal goal of tight blood sugar control, and hopefully won't retire too soon. My longtime primary care physician retired. My ophthalmologist retired too. It would be preferable to not have so many "doctors" and specialists. (My current, or soon to be past endo thinks an A1C of 7.2% is "good control".


My experience is that DIY (do-it-yourself) medicine works best. I use my endo for prescriptions etc, and I eat the way I know works for me. When she saw my numbers, and saw that I know what I'm talking about, she was won over. But if I had the feeling she would give me a hard time, I wouldn't even discuss my diet with her. not necessary.