Moving to Houston! Need to find new Endo/doctor

Hubby and I moving to Texas soon. Well, I get to go as soon as our house is sold which I don't think will be too much longer. Anywho, I would like to get some recommendations from anyone around that area who knows of any good, quality endos, or doctors. The doctor have right now here in Indiana is no an endo, but I have been pretty okay with her. Worried about getting down there and having to doctor shop.

Oh and it's in the Houston area, Northwest area, but if there is someone really good I could get there.

Oh you should try the Kelsey Seybold Clinic, Dr. Roy Ferrer! He is wonderful. I've been going to him for a year now.

Thanks Toddy! I will make sure to check him out!

Joslin has a couple of clinics in the area. Looks like one of them is in NW Houston. I love my endo, but I'm in the Clear Lake area which is totally opposite of where you'll be living.

Oh that is awesome Kimberly!! Thanks for the info!


I have recently moved to the clear lake area and have tried two endos but wasn't impressed with either one. I'm a type 1, looking to possibly start a family soon, so it would be helpful if the endo was experienced with that! Thanks in advance!

Hi April - I had started out at the Diabetes America clinic in Clear Lake, which then closed. I moved to the clinic in Pasadena, where I met my current doctor. She has just left the clinic, but has started her own clinic up in the med center. I absolutely love her. I've resigned myself to making the trip into town to keep seeing her. Her name is Rocio Harbison, and her website is She likes to keep things tight and ward off possible out-of-control behaviors, so she definitely won't let you slack.

Thank you so much Kimberly, I just tried the Pasadena Diabetes America last week but got stuck with a new doctor who I could barely understand and didn't seem to understand basal rates too well. I will definitely see if I can get in with her for the next go around!!