Finding a pump for a child in 5 yers for a friend of mine FOR FREE,because our government is so "good'' in health care

How can my friend who has a twins and the one boy has a Diabetis 1 can get a free pump for her child.Her housband and she has a full isurance,but our Health system doesn’t provide these life supporting pump for the kid!Even the threatment at all! These facts are getting me so angry…So i found about you and i want to do something to help my friend !Please help that boy to live a little more a normal life !!!

Can you give a little background? What country does the boy live in? Does the boy have a Doctor who is willing to prescribe the pump for him? You said your government will not provide pumps but WILL they pay for pump supplies?

The boy is from Bulgaria.Yes the boy has a doctor,but if the Healt Care doesn’‘t provide the pumphe he can’'t prescribe this pump.And nobody pays for the sipplies but our own.Thank you !

I know that Animas will sometimes give discounts or perhaps even a free pump (all depends on the circumstance). I am sure if they are willing to work with people on pumps they would work with someone on supplies as well. Only reason I asked about the country is to get a company to consider helping they would need to operatein that country already. Not real sure if there are pump companies that offer pumps in Bulgaria?? I also asked about the doc because even to give a free pump they would need a Dr’s prescription. I would suggest finding out what companie do operate there and see if you can contact them to work something out. The doc I work with will often give someone an old pump (out of warranty) that another patient has given to him because they got a new one. See if you can’t find a doc there that deals with a lot of pumps and they also may be willing to help you out. I know I would go to the ends of the earth to get one somehow…

I live in Hungary. Here the government insurance pays for 90% of the pump for children (80% for adults). Each country decides their own policy. It would be good to find a doctor who agrees that the pump would be helpful and see if they can start to petition to the government insurance to pay for pumps. Here I think that the doctors were able to influence the decision that the government insurance should start paying for the pump.

Do they have a doctor who could support them in using the pump? This is very important! The pump takes a lot of training and work. It can be dangerous to use a pump without this training. So I think that they should talk to their doctor.

Also, even if they can get a pump for free, the supplies are very expensive and need to be changed every 3 days. Just the supplies are around 2500-3000 EUR per year.

Many children and adults live well with diabetes without a pump. It is a big help in many cases, but it is not like a cure. I agree that the pump is great for kids, but they might be able to find other solutions until the government in Bulgaria starts to pay for the pump.

Thank you for the information.We’ll stay in touch.All the best.Thank you!

Yes we know that the supplies are expensive but its better that way .To pay only for supplies.Here the pump will cost to the parents a lot.Thank you for your support!