Hi, My name is Kalee Im type 1 on a pump. Im a single mother & was on a state program for my son & I. However they are kicking off all the parents the end of Sept. I was just wondering if anyone knows of a program to help w/ diabetic needs? I can’t afford to be diabetic w/out some kind of help. What is everyone else doing ???


There is not help in most states. It is a serious problem, but I will hold my political opinion for another time. In most states you will need to consider three options. First, contact your local health department. Often times they have information about shelters that supply diabetic items to folks wihtout insurance. In some cases not many, the health department will have a supply they may provide. Second, watch on here for diabetic supplies. Manny has a strand that discusses availability. Ok now none of that will cover most or even enough of the costs. So consider these options after you look into them:

  1. Call the local hospitals, often times they will help or knwo who can help.
  2. Check out Ipump at sometimes they have supplies.
  3. If all else fails, go to a local college and ask if they have student health insurance. In many cases you can qualify for student health insurance if you enroll. It will be a bit expensive to enroll, but the insurance will likely be cheap if you can get to it.
  4. Tell your doctor. I assume you might use medtronic, ask the doc if they can get medtronic to send some supplies.

finally let usall know what you need. Some of us have some extra’s and if a eprosn needs help we will often tryt oi get stuff together.

rick phillips

Hello Kalee! I am sorry to hear about your insurance troubles. This is so difficult.

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The insulin companies have patient assistance programs. I know that some of our members get their insulin free from these types of programs.

Hi Kalee, I just wanted to let you know that I’m one of the ones that receives my insulin for free from the companies. I had to have my doctor submit the paperwork and it’s a bit of a pain, but it’s saving me a tremendous amount of money as I’m a full time student without insurance. There’s a website it’s done by the Onetouch group it’s and they have several resources on there that you would totally qualify for. If you have any other questions please feel free to send me an email and I will tell you what I did/am doing and the process. It might be a little different as you are a pumper and I’m still on shots, but just let me know if I can help you in any way!

Have a great night!



Kristin and Elizabeth raise an alternative I had not thought of. It is a great outlet, but do not delay it takes time to make the arrangement.

rick phillips

thx I called mrdtronics on tues only got a essage but will b calling back today.
Thx again