Finding a respected dr in my area

Does anyone know how to go about finding a recommended, respected, liked, pain management physician other than by going blind? My insurance (military TriCare) will refer me to one, but they can only go by how many people have been referred there, or who is the closest to me.

If anyone has a friend, family member, or better yet, a personal experience or can recommend a pain management physician anywhere around my area (Enterprise, AL), or as far away as either Panama City, FL (or PCBeach) or Montgomery,AL, PLEASE let me know. If you could ask friends and family, I'd greatly appreciate it.

My health insurance refer me to my physician at South East Pain Management in Dothan, AL, and I can't stress enough what a horrible experience I have had with Dr Marsella.

He has literally told me 'read my lips' when I was questioning how to gradually increase my medication as he had written it. Even the pharmacist in Rite Aid didn't understand it. They actually rewrote the label on my medication (Gabapentin) so it was actually understandable.

I've been told it is NOT possible to change doctors within that medical practice, and Dr Sheddin, the only other Pain Mgt dr in the area, has a 3 month waiting list.

I think he doesn't believe the diagnosis I received at Univ of Alabama, Birmingham. It's terribly frustrating. Why would I volunteer for a urinalist if I was a drug seeker? Obviously I'm not.

Soooo frustrating. Your doctor is supposed to work with you, not be mean, disrespectful, and work against you :(

thank you so much. I've gone through just about all of them. It's not personal recommendations, but it's the closest thing I've seen so far!