Endo Anyone?

I will soon be relocating and am looking for an Endo Referral in Las Vegas. But I really only want someone who is familiar with Pump, preferably One Touch Ping, and CGM Dexcom G4....Ha Ha now how is that for asking for a lot! Anyone out there? I have Anthem Blue Cross PPO....

I just left Vegas' medical community and can give you a wonderful endo with a super CDE. Dr. Shadi Adbelnour, 1707 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste 200, 702-671-6469, fax is 702-671-5090. I would imagine he takes just about every insurance since he is connected with the University of Nevada's School of Medicine. But you could check with the office for sure. He did a wonderful job with me while I was living there and I recommend him highly to anyone in that area. Good luck--you will love living down there.

There is a superb PCP also named Dr. Lara Wenner. Her number is 702-473-8380. Not sure what insurances she takes though. But, she will tell you like it is and if she thinks a specialist is not doing their job, she will change you to someone who does. Great idea, right? LOL

wow! Novel idea :) Thank you so much!

np that's what we're here for, right? To help each other out when we have helpful info. Good luck and tell Vegas "Howdy!" for me. LOL

Hi Skinny...I recently saw Dr Abdelnour..He was nonplussed that I hadnt been referred by a physician...and I didnt know your name...Would you be willing to email me? Diane McDowell Nononsensewoman@aol.com