Help! Desperately looking for a good new endo in NJ

Hi all!! I have reached the breaking point with my current endo and I’ve decided that it’s time to move on. In particular, I’m looking for an endo that is able to listen, and is NOT patronizing or judgmental. One that is not an arrogant a** would be great, too!! LOL!!! If you’re guessing that I’ve had terrible experiences with endos in the past then you’d be correct.

I’m looking in the Central NJ area, but I’m certainly open to driving to southern or northern NJ.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Great Hospitals with super teams of Endos in both Philly and NYC. Would either one of those locations be feasible?

I’m in northern NJ and I can highly recommend Sameer Stas in Newton. He’s been my endo almost 10 years. He’s one of the kindest doctors I’ve ever had.

Murray Las in denville nj
is pretty good. I can recommend him.

Marie Nevins out of Morristown
has a serious pro tech bias IMHE but could do the trick for you? Not my first choice ever but probably second or third anyway. She might work as a stopgap short term (longer if you like her)

The diabetes unit of Morristown Memorial hospital now on 435 south street Morristown moved from one of the crumbling buildings on the rear end/ beside the hospital.

never encountered better front end people. Haven’t used their services in years but spent time chatting with them waiting for a specialist elsewhere in the building for a parent … no idea about their white coats TODAY but if their front door people were any indication I’d run to them happily.

Had a bunch of them debating (in the open mind you) whom I might prefer right there at the desk in an open waiting room no less. Couple people waiting for their appointment joined in the discussion no less. It was “open source” doctor…

If none of those work, pm me and I’ve got a couple other acquaintences in that region I can probably ask.

Btw your u need an actual endo or will a CDE do ? Couple of them in the area if you google search zip code and cde… was seeking something real specific once upon a time, that approach produced decent results…

One other thing occurs to me… something you might consider? All kinds of reasons good and totally random you or I don’t get the results which our efforts certainly earned…

Whatever the reason(s) we’re not getting there… right? Unclear if it could apply (???) but if my best efforts fail again and again and again… I have for brief periods sewn my mouth shut and took “their” approach that I knew was totally dead wrong…

but mine wasn’t working so I imposed a vow of silence and tried their tools. Once in a while theirs (unhappy look) did Work once in a while. As they say lots of ways to climb the mountain right? If our path ain’t getting anywhere what do we have to loose using someone else’s method.

Totally counter intuitive but I grudgingly submit on occasion whatever they use sometimes sometimes can and will work… (embarrassed look)

@Tim35 at the moment that’s a bit far for me (I’m near East Brunswick, NJ) but go ahead and list your references here! It could be useful in the future, for sure!

@MarieB thank you!!! For 10 years? That’s a rave review in and of itself!

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@Stuart Thank you for the recommendations! I’m looking for an endo specifically. I’ve been at this for quite some time (25+ years) and there’s not much I’m going to get from a CDE at this point unless he or she is a T1 and can offer some new earth-shattering advice based on personal experience. I’m aware that this may sound a bit arrogant but this is based on my experiences over the years. Having said that, I’m certainly OPEN to learning, but I do not want MY experience dealing with this disease to be minimized…EVER. Sadly, this is the problem I’ve been running into lately.


From East Brunswick, NJ, you are almost directly between NYC and Philly. Maybe an hour and a half either location although I am sure time of day and traffic would play a big difference. We drive 2 ~ 2-1/2 hrs for what we consider to be the best Endo options in our region.

Philly - For Pediatrics Endocrinology, there is no place better than Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).
Philly - Adults can go to the outstanding Endo doctors at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP).

NYC - Adults have great Endo options at New York Presbyterian Hospital (NYP)
NYC - Pediatrics have the NYP affiliated hospitals of Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and David Komansky Center for Children’s Health

US News & World Report: CHOP - Endo

US News & World Report: HUP - Endo

US News & World Report: NYP - Endo

US News & World Report: NYP MSK - Ped Endo

I just asked a friend who is T1D and lives in New Brunswick…

also @Khurt_Williams might have a recommendation, he lives in Princeton

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I see Robert Rosenbaum of the Summit Medical Group (Berkeley Heights, I78 exit 43). He is not accepting new patients, but has colleagues in the same office who are. You can look them up at and read their statements, education, and specialities. One possibility would be Jefferey Bauman, who from his statement seems to practice a patient-centered approach rather than a dominating approach.

The Summit Medical Group is a large organization. I’ve tried doctors in several specialities there (just picked from the web pages), and my experiences have been good.

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I had the best luck at Saint Peters Hospital in New Brunswick. My endo and I both ended up moving in the last few months (I’m in DC now) but her group seemed very open to teaching and to flexibility for their patients. The names of the other Drs were Rajesh Dev and Meena Murthy. Hope this helps!


Or you could do like me and dump the endo and find a PCP that will work with you. If your just looking for someone to write your prescriptions and review your test results.

@bkh Thank you! I’ve had some experience with Summit as well so I’ll certainly take another look at them.

@something_exotic I took a look this group and I’m going to add them to my “research” list. Thank you!

@Jim26 Are you a mind reader? :smile: I’m dangerously close to that ledge! I’ll give this endo thing one last go 'round before I bow out. How was that switch to for you? Any regrets or has it been a largely positive shift?

No regrets on my side. My experiences with endo’s have not been good. I found a PCP that I like and works with me on whatever I want him to.

Double your experience +- and yet we have pretty similar perspectives. Dangerous practice to “throttle” white coats even the arrogant ones as they often and will deliberately make life hard if we do not kowtow to them earnestly and with the mandatory reverence’s required.

Cringing violently in mutual understanding.

Though neither Las nor Nevins are T1

I’m real consistent about recommending only our peers if I can help it!!! Saves time and to me is always a easier fit.

Got a short list of psych and LCSW s who are T1 in the state if that helps any?

Marie Nevins out of Morristown
has a serious pro tech bias IMHE

I am not sure I understand this… what is a pro tech bias? I ask because I was recommended Nevins as well, largely because of Tandem knowledge…


Dr Marc Sandberg in Flemington. I drive over an hour to see him, having experienced dozens who were just a waste of my time. I’m a type 1 of 42 years and expect more knowledge and understanding than I have myself. He is very diabetes focused as an endo and very up to date on anything and everything new. He is interested and excited by everything he knows, and is totally reasonable when listening to an individual’s journey and concerns.

@Julia12 I’d recently heard others speak highly of Dr. Sandberg as well. Thanks for confirming.

Everyone, thank you so much for all your recommendations and taking the time to share your experiences. I’m soooooo glad this place exists!! Now comes the fun part…interviewing and candidate selection! :slight_smile: