Finding an Endo!

Hey everyone,

I’m doing some research on the best ways to find an endocrinologist. I have a couple of questions I’d love your feedback on:

  1. How did you find your endocrinologist? Website? Insurance company? Referral from a friend? Referral from primary doctor?

  2. What qualities do you think make for a good endocrinologist?

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My (former) Primary Care Practitioner refused to refer me to an endocrinologist, so I looked on my own:

  1. I looked in the phone directory first to determine if there were endocrinologists in the area, then checked the online list of doctors in my insurance network to see who was “in network.”

  2. I checked each of the doctors I found in #1 in a Virginia Doctors database for malpractice or other complaints.

  3. In addition to medical knowledge (obviously required!), he/she must be able to relate to the patient and be able to answer questions and explain diabetes-related issues to the patient.

  4. Although my endo is NOT a diabetic, it would probably be nice to see a pump-wearing (diabetic) endo. (I am totally satisfied with my non-diabetic endo!)

I would look for medical knowledge of course, but also for openness to non-traditional (ADA approved) concepts such as LADA, reasonable glucose limits and low carb eating. I want (no require) and endo (same for regular doc) who recognizes that we are all intelligent people that know our own bodies better than anyone. I want a doctor who not only is ok with my doing my own research and determining my own path, but actually prefers to have well educated patients who can conduct the self-management that is so much of diabetes treatment. Finally I want someone with an open personality who is pleasant, communicative and willing to work together as a team.

These are great! Thanks!

If anyone else has any thoughts, please let me know!

I found my endo by being referred by several of my doctors. I was just not willing to wait the length of time it took me to get an appointment with her so I kept trying other endos. That was my mistake.

  1. A good endo listens to their patient.
  2. A good endo is willing to take as long as needed to make sure that everything is covered during your appointment.
  3. A good endo is willing to do extra paperwork in order to get the patient what they want or need.
  4. A good endo has medical knowledge of diabetes.
  5. A good endo is willing to order tests and possibly has extra testing done.
  6. If you are looking to go on a pump it does help if your endo is on a pump or knows someone who is on a pump. (My endos partner is on a pump.)
  7. An Endo should know how to turn on a glucose meter and knows how to use them.
  8. An Endo should know how to read blood tests.
  9. A good endo is willing to take time out of their busy day to make phone calls to her patients to make sure that they get the best care possible.

After having gotten rid of at least 5 doctors I finally found the one that is worth her weight in gold. I say if at first you do not click with the doctor, look for another one. It took me 2 years from the time I started looking until the time I found her and she was worth the wait.