Finding evidence of my start in diabetes 50 years ago. Medal hunt

It is quite an experience to find evidence of what did happen 50 years ago. No-one stayed around to witness my start of diabetes. Instead they all decided to kick the buckett and simply die. Not nice, just not nice at all!

But I found evidence of the hospital I was in for 2 weeks for diabetes. Trouble is on these very old files they don't say what you was in for! They charge me $40. for it. The swine! Now I try to find evidence with the Empire Life company where I worked for at the time. I hope they can use the word diabetes.

My identification bracelet is from 1967. There is one friend living from that time and are waiting for an answer. Somehow when you are starting with diabetes the last thing you think about is getting evidence of the happening. Well, if they won't give me the medal based on what I can produce I will just borrow Richard's medal for the weekend. OK Richard? I was in the hospital from Nov 26 to dec 9 th. At least I now know that! Maybe I get some other bright idea. But at age 80 my bright ideas are few!


JB - A few people were talking about their upcoming 50th year with diabetes (mine is still far away 2018) on Twitter today. I got curious, and butted my head in, and ask how to go about obtaining a medal (thought it was for USA only - but it’s for all over our big blue marble). I’m like yourself - my GP who diagnosed me - passed away over 30 years ago. The hospital I used to go to again 30 years ago, probably does not have my records as I was a bad ### diabetic (one of my endos told me I’d die at 40 so I rarely went to the hospital - give a teenager a break!). I did get the form tho’ for applying - and the last statement I think would be for us -

Alternate Documentation (choose one of the following)

• A letter from the physician who started the applicant on insulin at diagnosis (letter should include dates) or a letter from an associate who has carried on the original physician’s practice (provided that the associate has access to the original files).

• If the applicant kept a diary of urine and blood tests, diet, insulin, etc. during the early stages of insulin treatment photocopies of these dated records are acceptable documentation.

• Some applicants are unable to obtain any of the forms of documentation listed above. In these cases, we will also accept letters of recommendation from two or three of the applicant’s relatives or friends (usually people older than or the same age as the applicant) who can recall the onset of the applicant’s diabetes and insulin treatment. When possible, letters should include references to family and/or local or national events that occurred around the same time to confirm the date in question.

Hope this helps. Am sure others that have already applied for their 25 year certificate or 50-75 year medal will have more info then what I have given you :slight_smile:

When I applied for the 25 year certificate, I was going to do what Anna listed and have family members write something. I had a bet with my cousin that year on the Super Bowl and won then could not collect my winnings - a case of beer. I ended up finding an old medic alert card from 1984 that had that I was diabetic and took insulin. Joslin accepted that as proof and sent me the certificate. Getting the 50 year should be easier since I now have the medic alert card and their 25 year certificate!

Great stuff Kelly! I never even knew this type of certificate / medal was around until about 3 years ago (when I started pumping). I really have been living in the Stone Age all this time haven’t I? Before joining up diabetic community groups I really was quite the loner of the diabetic groupies. Hanging head in shame (hides wrinkles around my eyes tho’ so I look younger ).

Don’t feel bad Anna, you knew about it longer than I did probably or at least we were very close. I think I first heard about it a few months before my 25 year anniversary. I also found out from the DOC. Where would we be without that!

Thanks Anna :slight_smile: I just printed off the form you posted to receive my twenty five year medal! and thanks to Johnben as well for starting this discussion. I came upon a couple old diabetes books a few years back. My mom had purchased them when I was diagnosed in 1985. One of them mentioned a twenty five year medal without saying who gave it…Congratulations to all on your life’s accomplishments and medals.