Fingersticks and Hand Warmers

I started using a hand warmer to warm my fingers prior to finger sticks. It worked beyond my greatest expectation. I get blood drop every time with little or no squeezing and with a shallower setting.

The hand warmer is rechargeable USB and can double as a (low capacity) power bank for recharging cell phones, Dexcom receiver, etc., when necessary.


For heaven’s sake! What’s wrong with washing hands with warm water. You should wash your hands anyway before a finger stick. Does everything have to be electric and cost money?

Not everyone wants to wash their hands many times a day. I test 4-6 times a day, but my hands are so dry that my cuticles peel up to the first knuckle, even with hand cream. I usually just do a quick rinse of the tip of the finger that I’m going to use to test.

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Washing hands is a good way to avoid getting sick. When I was doing a lot of finger sticks, I would wash, then test,then apply hand lotion.

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I must preface with the fact that I don’t often do finger sticks anymore with my Tandem and CGM. However, I do wash my hands multiple times each day because I live on a farm and have chores that involve various animals. I also do cooking. I believe in extensive hand washing to prevent illness. I, too, have very sensitive skin and living in Wisconsin, encounter very dry air in the house because I burn a wood stove to cut down on heating expenses somewhat. I found that washing hands with Neutrogena soap and applying even a tiny amount of Curel hand cream afterwards helps keep my skin from cracking, especially around the thumbnails. But I still wash my hands many, many times each day.

Aside from the interminable wait for cool water in pipes to be displace, warm water doesn’t work very well for me. And there are times I need to test when water isn’t readily available.

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I find this idea practical and hilarious. It make’s me laugh to imagine it. I want a picture. I’ve never thought of this solution before. :joy:

All electric in my area. Amount of electricity to get water warm vs hand warmers?? Might be a wash for me

And your “electric” wash without the benefits of soap and water does not provide any hygien. I am appalled at how few people even wash hands after using the bathroom today.

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Alcohol wipes. Was in for day surgery recently and they did not bring me soap and hot water to wash hands first. They used alcohol wipes. Same as when getting blood drawn or inoculations at Walgreens or CVS

I’m not sure what meter you use, but I got a good deal on Accu Chek Guide test strips and have been using them. The lancets are incredible and it barely breaks the skin…. it requires the tiniest sample! The strips soak up the tiny drop quickly. I’ve had no errors at all. It’s the easiest and most reliable meter I’ve ever used and I have a bunch of them! Affordable too. I have no connection with this company.

I use Accu-Chek Softclix lancets and Contour Next test strips. Softclix has the finest point of any lancets I have tried. Contour Next seems to be the most accurate strips, although accuracy tests are limited. I get both from the VA Pharmacy at no cost.

As to hand washing, hand washing and using hand warmer aren’t mutually exclusive. I wash my hands if/when needed and don’t if not when not needed. I know at least one diabetic who always uses alcohol swab before finger sticks; so it’s a matter of opinion. Further, scars and callouses on fingers aren’t helped by frequent defatting of skin.

Can you share a link to what you bought please?

I bought off Amazon, also to use for late winter/early spring fishing. My selection was something of a guess. There are so many available with similar ratings, various features and charge capacities. Search on hand warmers rechargable and make your own judgment.

Temperature wise the middle setting of 113~122℉ on mine seems to heat a bit faster than low and is warmer than is really needed.

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