Finished second semester of college

Today marked the end of my second semester of college. I managed to make a 4.0 for this semester. Cumulative GPA is 3.0. I am applying for a scholarship to be able to take 15 hours of class starting in Jan. to get my degree all that much faster. I wrote an amazing 8 page essay on the pancreas. I was able to use Dr. Faustman’s research in my paper. It was worth 150 points and I got all 150 points on it. My instructor said she was very impressed with my paper and that she learned a lot about the pancreas. She had no clue about Dr. Faustman’s research. Now I have 3 weeks until classes start again. Mon I leave to go to Missouri for a week. I get to see my cute little 5 year old nephew. I can’t wait.

CONGRATULATIONS on your 4.0!!! That is awesome. You should be proud!

Congrats, Cody! What are you majoring in?

BS in Health Sciences with a Double emphasis in Nutrition/Dietetics to become a CDE. Using my diabetes to my advantage to help others and get paid for it. Kind of funny how all my papers end up being on some aspect of diabetes.