Grad School!

I’ve survived my first full week of grad school! After three years in the working world, its a tough transition. Homework is tough to get used to. I’m also completely jobless, so I’m looking for a part time job. My diabetes has mostly behaved. The first day of orientation we went for a campus tour and I could feel myself falling fast. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself so I jsut downed some glucose tabs and continued. I guess I’m not totally out of the diabetes closet. This is the first time that I’ve met a significant number of new people since I was diagnosed. I didn’t have to tell people at my last job because I was diagnosed while working so my coworkers all knew by the time I was back at work. I’ve been testing my BS before eating and occationally before a class and not hiding it, but I also am not going around with a sign around my neck. One woman not in my program but in my school noticed me using my pump and said that her best friend’s husband works at the company that makes Omnipod. We talked a bit about insulin pumps in general but that was my only conversation that involved the D word.
Its definitely an exciting time to be studying Health Care Policy, so I’m very happy with my classes. One week down, 2 years to go!

That’s awesome! And yeah, perfect time to study health care policy!!!

Congrats on both the school and easing out of the closet. I found that when it did’nt matter anymore who knew i was D, It was like admitting it to myself. And girl you are right this is the best time to study Health care policies…Good Luck…God Bless