First A1C after Diagnosis

Sorry for the long post, but I have some things on my mind! I went to the free clinic tonight, and after many hours of patiently (or rather impatiently lol) waiting, I got my new metabolic stats. I am excited to report, that since I started low carbing back in November when I was diagnosed, my A1C has gone from 10.5% to 5.5%. It’s a tad higher than it would have been, had I not started having issues with morning sugars related to dehydration… but now that they are fixed, I expect the next one to be slightly lower, to about 5.3%, which is what it was a month ago, with one of those Bayer testers… :slight_smile: I have lost 57 lbs, and I no longer have issues with high liver enzymes. My lipid profile is perfect, and my cholesterol is the lowest it has ever been. Everything came back perfect, pretty much…

The only thing which has not been perfect, has been my TSH. Now, I am a Hypothyroid Diabetic. I have been Hypothyroid since early childhood, and I am very well educated on how the Hypothalamus, Pituitary, and Thyroid glands interact, and I have always kept pretty close tabs on my Thyroid numbers, and my current hormone levels are all normal (T3, T4)... The only thing abnormal is my TSH (which is a hormone produced by the Pituitary, used to communicate with the Thyroid gland in order to control the levels of T3 and T4 hormone produced). Even with a decrease in Levothyroxine medication (even though my T3 and T4 hormones are doing just fine), from 150 mcg to 125 mcg, my TSH levels have plummeted from an already low 0.10 to a 0.01. They should have gone up! ... And are not responding. As the Free Clinic has no specialists, my Doctor is going to consult with an endocrinologist, and I am going to go for some further testing this coming week for Microsomal Antibody, Thyroglobulin Antibody, and PTH Intact Antibody Levels... Considering my other symptoms: dehydration (despite drinking lots of fluids), hair thinning, dry skin, constipation, sensitivity to cold... It seems apparent to me that I may have Hypopituitarism, or another similar Pituitary condition. Time will tell, when all the tests come back.

My doctor... Not finding much else wrong with me to blame the 'evils' of low carbing on... Told me to start eating more carbs to see if it would fix my Pituitary and TSH levels. heh I dunno what to say... I know SO many of you who low carb, have Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism, and do NOT have these kinds of issues with your Pituitary... In fact, every resource I have found suggests low carbing is the best thing to do for a lazy Thyroid, and Pituitary gland. *shrug* She wanted to know family history, but I honestly don't know ANYONE else in my family who has or has had Hypothyroidism, or any Pituitary issues... Though the Pancreas and the Pituitary are counter regulatory glands... I just wonder... My immune system seems to be attacking everything... Kind of odd that I'm a Type 2, and not a Type 1... but whichever one, I am pretty sure I still would have gotten Diabetes.

... Anyone have some experience with this, similar stories, or even some useful insight? :)


Hi Lizmai,
You mention your ‘doctor’. Is he/she a PCP or an Endo specialist.
I would really see a specialist in this case. Have you seen one recently?
Good luck.

Hey, Michael, as I mentioned… I went to the Free Clininc – it is a clinic for people with no insurance, and there are no specialists… I would, any day of the week… go to an Endo rather than a GP (which is what I always do when I do have insurance), but she’s been good to me, before, and listens to me, and discusses my concerns well… and I respect that she is actually going to go consult with a specialist on this… However, at this time, I cannot go pay to see one on my own… and there are no other alternatives for me. Thanks, though. :slight_smile:

Sorry Liz, Im in Australia and dont the USA terminaology for free clinics etc

Was the Bayer test a ‘A1c Now’? If so…don’t trust it to be 100% true. I got a free one from Walgreens a week? something like that after my endo did my real A1c. Think my real one from my doctor was 5.6 and the Bayer one was 4.9. NOT possible in such a short amount of time and doesn’t fit my track record. I’m pretty steady in the mid 5’s
Have you gone to yet? Here is the direct thyroid link to the message board. And remember NO ONE there is a doctor.
Maybe this would help on your diabetes questions (T1 / T2) The genes that make up either are numerous. Some in particular (for whatever reason) are associated with lack of sufficient insulin. This is for T2 and T1 and really anyone who has inherited these genes - science is only starting to discover them. People don’t need to be full blown diabetic to show problems with their first phase response if they have these genes. You have read Jenny’s site?
You could be a mix of genes but show no antibodies for T1. Not all ‘T2’ is created equally.
Think of diabetes as a piece of string. Some people will be at one end and others will be on the opposite end. That is classic T1 and T2. BUT…there are people in the middle - LADA is like that and leans more towards T1. That is not to say that is the only option. You could be close to LADA but not actually be LADA. OR you could be somewhere else entirely. If T1 and T2 were like MODY it would be easy - one gene cause and this is where you are. But that’s not how it is…

That is really great - the A1C being pretty much cut in half! Great job! I hope you find out what else is wrong. I definatley can relate to the insurance issues and the clinics. I have the same problem. No specialists at those clinics - sometimes you feel like you aren’t get the full treatment everyone deserves. I hate not being able to have a doctor to always get in touch with - it is hard at the clinics to get hold of your doctor. I am searching for a new one right now. Hard with no insurance.

Thanks for the analogy, Kathy… It helps. I am well acquainted with Jenny’s site, and I don’t ‘rely’ on the Bayer A1CNow kit as my sole test – but it has been accurate enough for most of us who have used it as an indicator of how well we are doing – and at that time, it was the same as my averages (I keep very detailed notes)… I do know it went up because I was having those higher than usual (though NOT higher than 120 mg/dL) morning sugars for about a month, and that was the point I was trying to make with mentioning it… That I am sure it will go back down now that it is controlled… Not that the 0.2% is a big deal. The actual lab A1C is 5.5%. So, not off by much at all. Also, my glucose meter was 93 mg/dL, and my lab fasting blood glucose reading was 94 mg/dL… Not bad. :slight_smile:

While I made the off handed comment of how odd it is I ended up being a Type 2, I am not worried about it… I know I am a Type 2… I am more concerned about my Pituitary, and just want to see if anyone else has had similar issues with it… and what I can expect, I guess… And the claim of ‘low carbing’ somehow affecting it badly. Thanks for the link.