Upset and scared, Probably Type 1!

Hello, I feel so upset I had to start somewhere. I was told after seeing my Endo for low thyroid that I was probably Type 1 and sent me home with a bunch of bloodwork. I dont see her until next week and so nervous. I have 2 kids and already feel awful 24/7 because of my constant battle with Hypo
TSH 0.25
A1C- 5.6
Seems like everyone says if your C-peptide is low than you are Type 1
but geez, why did we do all the other testing if the C-peptide was the end all?
I suffer from Hypo and I guess Hashimotos
I dont pee a lot, I dont have blurred vision, I dont itch, I just came in with nausea and sometimes vomiting. A lot of stomach issues. I dont know anymore who to believe and how much is my thyroid never being balanced. Just so upset that I could be walking around with type 1 and nobody ever checked it.
Well one person did in 2013 after my son was born and it was fine but my sugar was high, I had gestational diabetes and then it all went way. Now I’m here and so upset.
Can anyone tell me what their A1C, Cpeptide and Insulin was when given the type 1?

Whoa, don’t panic, let’s take this one step at a time. First of all, your blood glucose number is beautiful. Really, I wish I saw that number more often. And a C-peptide level of 0.83 is well within the normal range of 0.5 to 2.0 ng/mL. Anything in there is normal. A1C is also well within normal range. So if you’re supposedly headed for Type 1 according to this endo, then you are quite a ways away from actually developing it. In other words, you don’t show evidence of diabetes at this point. As for all the symptoms you’re referring to, they probably have to do with your thyroid, because those are not associated with new onset diabetes. To answer your other question, I was diagnosed with Type 1 in 1984 after having the “flu” for several weeks and developing an insatiable thirst, excessive urination, and massive fatigue. I collapsed at home in a diabetic coma (i.e. diabetic ketoacidosis) and my blood glucose was 1140. I think my A1C was 15+, just to give you a point of reference. I would imagine if you get the thyroid situation under control, either through medication or removal, that would take care of things for now. Good luck with everything.


I am so thankful for you sharing your story! Yes, before I left the doctor said “I betchya your type 1” and after I read information on the C-peptide, it looks like mine is on the low end like 3 points from to low. Based on the numbers 0.80-3.85 0.83 is as low as you can get. So I guess, I figured I’m heading in that direction because if I was healthy or my pancreas was, wouldnt it be a little higher? I’m so thankful you wrote, I dont know anyone with type 1 or 2 right now and very scared

Well when I was diagnosed i had an A1C of 8.4. My c petide was in a normal range and my insulin was 6.0. Your insulin seems pretty low at 1.8.

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The values you posted are not consistent with a current diagnosis of either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. I am confused as to what is leading you to believe that you either have diabetes or are definitively heading in that direction…

Your C-peptide is not low, it is WNL (within normal limits).

I don’t understand-- your labs appear to be totally normal. Where is the concern stemming from? Your c-peptide is not meaningfully low, and at the level it’s at your glucose is not elevated— indicating that your body is both a) producing enough insulin to keep your bg regulated and b) responding appropriately to it.

If you’re struggling with a lot of anxiety about this, I would call your doctors office and see if they can review your labs over the phone with you before your appointment. It seems like a somewhat careless comment from your doctor may have really freaked you out


But her glucose is normal, so whether the insulin level is low-normal or not, it’s clearly ‘enough’


What Angivan said, your symptoms do not sound like typical T1 issue’s. I also in early 80’s had the “flu” hanging on for a while before finally saying to my mother while carrying around a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi “I think you better call the doctor, I’ve been pee’ing more than I’m drinking for the last 2 weeks and cannot even spit I’m so dehydrated” Think my BG was in the 600’s but I never hit the ground but was probably within a day or two of having same reaction as Angivan. Your numbers are that of most “normals”… Hope you start to feel better.


Hi everyone. My paperwork (blood test results) show a red flag with the insulin number at 1.8, its below the standard showing at 2.0-19.6
Then the C-Peptide number is on the low range even though its within the range , the range given is 0.80-3.85 and I’ve learned not to only go by the range given but it your number on the lower end. Mine is.
My symptoms are a lot of nausea, I’m on metformin and my fasting is still 92. I dont eat dairy, meat and I was working out up until Feb when I got sick and went downhill ever since. I’m always freezing, an over all feeling of weakness, dizziness and my lips feel weird like fuzzy or slightl numb.
So when I saw the Endo and she looked at past history which use to be fasting glucose of 105, and symptoms, she said look for what your cpeptide says. she said she was sure I had type 1
I’ve been a mess ever since

I agree that it does not sound like you are type 1. My GAD test came back positive. So thats a definite sign of type one. If you dont feel confident with this endo get a second opinion. I wish I had your numbers.


I don’t think anything on your labs is meaningfully low. You hadn’t eaten in many hours, so of course your body is producing a little less insulin, because it needs less… That’s how it’s supposed to work. I think you’re gonna be ok. The real telling thing is that your glucose level is normal— so your body is auto regulating it appropriately. Talk it over with your doctor, I bet it’ll be a big relief. I doubt they’ll bat an eye at that insulin level given the context.


Seconding what everyone else has said, those numbers don’t translate to Type 1 diabetes. Some of them–some–could possibly–possibly–suggest the very early stages of a metabolic syndrome/Type 2 scenario, but even that evidence is very thin.

And one thing you need to know about a c-pep test: it can vary substantially according to the circumstances at the moment. Your c-pep reading is a rough guide to the amount of insulin being produced right then. It isn’t a long term cumulative test in the way that an A1c is. If you are fasting when the blood is drawn, your c-pep is likely to be on the low side because there’s nothing happening, insulinwise. So don’t read too much dire foreboding into it.

The thing about lab results is that reference ranges have to start and end somewhere, but there’s nothing magic about those numbers. It’s all relative and context-dependent. It’s not as though if the number is x.1 you’re okay and at x.2 you’re not. There is a continuum for most of these metrics, not a black-and-white, yes-or-no, on-or-off certainty. And a single test is usually more meaningful in the overall context of the other measurements accompanying it, i.e., the overall picture. Your overall picture doesn’t look threatening at all.

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I’m so overwhelmed to finally have some opinions that I’m in tears. My life has been so hard and sick all the time with my thyroid TSH 0.25
I’m constantly one step behind with my kids and becoming depressed over it. Thank you, thank you for taking the time to write me back. I really hope it hasnt turned into diabetes. Im still hoping they find answers for my thyroid always unstable, this would add to all the problems it has already caused!

Thank you, I will find someone!

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So thankful David for your time and comments!

Did your dr only test TSH or did he also test Ft3 and FT4? Given your symptoms, low thyroid could still be a factor even with the apparently low TSH?

Has your vitamin D and iron levels been tested?

Good thing is that the Dr is doing testing - and it is likely that diabetes may be ruled out. From the our perspective here, your sugar numbers / insulin / cpeptide etc are reassuring at this point.

The only real issue of concern related to diabetes is your A1c of 5.6. That suggests some abnormalities of blood sugar regulation. It may or may not be diabetes. I would tell you that thyroid problems could be your real issue. As you are probably aware a low TSH suggests hyperthyroidism. And hyperthyroidism can affect glucose metabolism causing increased glucose production in the liver, rapid absorption of glucose through the intestines, and increased insulin resistance..

I would encourage you to work with your end to get your thyroid condition normalized. Sure, check your blood sugar and keep an eye on things, but don’t freak out about the whole diabetes thing. There isn’t a problem until there is a problem.

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Thank you for writing, yes my thyroid TSH is at its lowest 0.25
I’ve had issues my entire life with it and nobody can seem to balance it. This week the T3 and T4 is within normal range, its different every month. What makes me so nervous about the diabetes is how many people that have hypothyroid are also getting diabetes along with another autoimmune disease. Seems like many get ttpe 1 because of all the hypo thyroid issues. Thats me.

Yes, right now I have hypo with my TSH at 0.25. I feel awful but 2 months ago it was hyper. Not one Endo has corrected it. My concern with the diabetes and my results is all the people that have been borderline but nobody addressed it and in time became very sick with crazy A1C numbers or glucose. Im on metformin as a preventive from my functional medecine doctor. If thats only keeping my at A1C at 5.6, that seems like a problem creeping. Just wonder how much thyroid can screw up my pancreas? Or give me higher than normal numbers. I dont eat meat, dairy and I use to work out. Now, to exhausted

Hi momof21: I was diagnosed with Graves disease at 21, 6 months after having my daughter. It is the opposite of Hashimotos, as in they are both autoimmune, but Graves causes the thyroid to be overactive, where Hashimotos causes it to be underactive. Personally, when my thyroid is acting up, my TSH is low, and my T3 and T4 are high. Basically my body is not sending signals to my thyroid to produce more, because it’s already overproducing. I was of the understanding that in Hashimotos, TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is higher because your body trying to get your thyroid to produce more, but your T3 and T4 are low.

With thyroid disease, whether overactive or underactive, you can have severe emotional symptoms as well as fatigue and just feeling like crap in general. When I was diagnosed, I went in for constant headaches and my doctor noticed an elevated pulse rate and asked about some other symptoms (which I attributed to stress at the time). He sent me in for a radioactive iodine uptake scan to diagnose the Graves. That was a long time ago, but I will tell you that the general physician I see now tried to tell me a couple years ago that my thyroid was underactive because my TSH was low, but I asked him to look at the T3 and T4, and explained to him that my TSH is always low when my thyroid is OVERactive. If I hadn’t known this, they might have put me on medicine for hypothyroidism, making my hyperthyroidism even worse! Point being, doc ain’t always right 100% of the time, and some know more than others about thyroid disease.

As someone VERY recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, and who also has an autoimmune thyroid condition, it sounds very likely to me that your thyroid is the problem (whether under or over active is the real culprit). Your symptoms all point in that direction, and don’t sound like diabetes. Someone else on here suggested to get the T3 and T4 numbers, and I 100% agree!!! Those will tell the whole story. If you are on medicine for an underactive thyroid, and it’s really overactive, then you will never feel better!

Hope this helps, and good luck!
I would be interested to know what your T3 and T4 levels are :wink: