First A1c in 3 years!

Just thought I’d give an update. Some of you may know I’ve been having issues with my family and adequate healthcare. But it looks like things are looking up for me

I finally got my mom to take me to the doctor for an A1C for this first time in YEARS! (It only took my humalog pens being discontinued before she would take me…) I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was expecting something in the low 7s/high 6s. When I got the result, I was stunned. 6.2 !!!

The PA who took it said I was doing a great job. Its great to know I’ve been doing something right through these years. :slight_smile:

Ever think of trying a diy A1c such as A1cNow… occasionally 9.99 for two tests at your local chain pharmacy (sale price) butcongrats on the a1c. Means your pulling it off lately (past 3 months or more)

glad to hear that, so glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

but you really should be checking every 6 months…

fantastic effort!

great number! keep up the great work and go back for another test in a couple months

Good job! That rocks! I wish that my A1C was that low.

Trust me, when I get a car I will definitely be doing most of my doctor appointments, ect. by myself… but until then, I have to resort to begging.

Every three months is what’s typically recommended.

Great news, Timmy! Way to go.

Good for you. My Endo would call that spectacular.