Good A1C News!

In October, my A1C was 10.1. I’m not on a pump, but I did start a DexCom 7 on Thanksgiving day. Today, I got the call that my A1C was 5.8!! This is the best it has EVER been in the 14 years I’ve been diabetic. I worked really hard these last few months but was still surprised. I am so proud of myself…and I FINALLY feel like I have achieved some level of success. I couldn’t wait to share with you all because I have learned so much from all of you. I credit your support and information as a large large LARGE factor in my success. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing and thanks for listening everyone! :slight_smile: XOXOX

Nice work, Beth! Congratulations Don’t give the DexCom all the credit. You had to act on what Dex was telling you! That 6% threshold is a tough one to cross–you inspire me!

Congratulations, Beth! What wonderful news. Very happy for your achievement. Keep up the awesome work.

Congratulations! Very happy for you! Great, Great, Great!!!

Good Job!

Outstanding! I’m sure that the Dexcom helped, but in the end you had to make the important decisions about diet, dosing and exercise and that is what really made the difference. I hope you can keep this up and find your groove.

That is so wonderful and so encouraging! Even just knowing that the A1C can drop that quickly is wonderful news. Congratulations! Keep making healthy choices!

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: The good news keeps rolling in. I am breaking up with my old endo (who I only saw once, but she put me on Metformin and spoke down to me). I saw my new one today, I love him! I was there for 2.5 hours to have a full exam…he took me off metformin (Yea!!!) and said that I was well-controlled. He was actually confused as to why I was on Metformin. I am going to start Symlin on Monday because I’m still dragging my feet on the pump issue (I can’t commit to which one to get). This is the best part–he wants BGs every week and I have direct lines to 2 nurses for questions or issues. My old endo took 3-7 days to return calls. Ah–I feel like I have just taken a very deep breath after holding it for much too long. :slight_smile:

By the way, I told my new endo about this site. :slight_smile: I hope that he passes the word along to patients who might be interested.

I’m so thrilled to be able to post good news! :slight_smile: You all have inspired me and I was really motivated to make those better choices through all your posts and info. Give yourselves a big ole hug from me! :slight_smile:

That is some awesome work there! Congrats on the fab a1c!

Hoorah! This is great news Beth! Keep it up (or rather down!!).

Congrats, Beth!!! :slight_smile: Way to go!

Congratulations, Beth! That is quite an achievement! Keep up the good work!