First Bad Medtronic/Minimed Customer Service Experience

Curious to hear if anyone else has had recent poor experiences with Minimed's customer service. I've been using them for years and they have always been spectacular. They have always addressed issues quickly, resolved problems, and made sure I had whatever I needed. I am hoping what I've experienced in the past few days is just a blip and not a downward trend.

I realized I was low on One Touch Ultra test strips when I read Minimed had come out with a new meter, the Bayour Countour USB Link (info available here - My One Touch meter is a bit old and I decided it was time to make the switch.

I called Minimed. The nice customer service lady said no problem, we can send you one out right away. She gave me next-day shipping. The next day, a regular old Countour Link meter arrives from Minimed, not the USB one.

I call Minimed back and they tell me to call the next day because there is nothing they can do (it was evening time).

I call the next day. Speak with two people and both apologize for the mistake. They say that they will get the problem resolved. Someone calls me back eventually and says the issue is that they now need a physician's Rx to process through my insurance. Seems odd, because I didn't need an Rx for the first meter, but whatever. After some back and forth, my endo's office faxes them back the necessary signature. The last woman I spoke with told me not to worry, they would send out the meter today (Friday) next-day air, so I would have it on Saturday.

Now - important to note I went to endo today and had to get a new Rx for strips. The Minimed rep told me to go ahead and get the Countour NEXT strips filled at my pharmacy, as these were the ones I would need with the new meter. Ok. Great.

I call back today after my endo appointment to make sure the signed Rx had been received. This is where everything falls apart. First rep states that the Rx takes about 48 hours to process, so they wouldn't see anything in their system until Monday at the earliest. She seems confused and can't clearly answer my questions. But I finally deduce that this means I wouldn't be getting a meter until next week. She then proceeds to tell me that my insurance rejected it because I get my supplies through Liberty, not Minimed. After some back and forth about how I wasn't told this initially, I ask for a supervisor.

I get Joe on the phone. Joe explains that my only option is to pay out of pocket, but they still need a physician's prescription on file to send me a meter, and that faxed back Rx will still take 48 hours to process. I ask Joe why they didn't need an Rx for the meter they sent out earlier this week and he proceeds to tell me that they never sent out a new meter!! What?? I tell him the new meter is sitting right here on my desk. He says, "Well, it didn't come from us." Nevermind that I still have the shipping box (which says it came from Medtronic) AND the email UPS confirmation that says it came from Medtornic. I insist that Medtronic/Minimed sent the meter and he insists they didn't. Seriously??

Joe then replies that he really needs to get my credit card number if I want this meter. I tell him that I'm not giving him jack until he gets this issue resolved. Now I have my next supply of Bayour NEXT test strips waiting at CVS. If Medtronic can't resolve this problem before I go out of town next week, I have to call my endo's office back and have them redo the Rx for One Touch Ultra strips. And I'm sure that will cause some glitch in my insurance when CVS has to "back something out of the system." It always does.

Is there any wonder that my BG has been cruising in the low 200s for the past few hours? This is something so small and generally insignificant, but has set off a chain of events.

I am very disappointed in Minimed. Joe admitted that several mistakes were made with this order and he sort of apologized, but didn't offer any compensation or real method for rectifying the issue. His attitude was kinda like, "Oh well. Stinks to be you."

So, I am curious - has anyone else had recent issues with Minimed like this (i.e., uninformed customer service reps, bad service, etc)? I am hoping this is just a freak occurrence, I really am, because I love my pump. But customer service is a huge part of selecting an insulin pump manufacturer for me. They can make or break the experience.

I had a problem with my medtronic pump about a year ago and they sent me out another one within 24 hours. After replacement arrived I and programed problems still happened a little different but basically the same. Ended up meeting with medtronic nurse who explained thing on what to do if glucose drop to family member in case they always called the EMS personal. In long run problem was not pump it was the CGM readings the pump was receiving. I had to go back to finger stxs. Medtronic could not figure out what problem was after telling ME to run test. My average daily bg is 114 now a days and last A1c was 6.4 wiuthout CGM. I have been type 1 for 46 years and on pump for 7

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with MM. I can honestly say that I've only had one person that didn't give me good service in all the years that I've dealt with MM. If you even want to call it that. I felt rushed off the phone and that was it. I'm dealing with them right now to upgrade my CGM and I'm having great service. Guess there's always a bad apple everywhere you go and you were the unfortunate one to get him.

This is off topic but, thought I'd give you a chuckle. We've been having problems with our new mail lady. Last week she stayed parked at our mailbox for approximently 10 minutes cleaning out her van. We witnessed her throwing her trash out of the window into our yard and I got furious!!! So, I went pick it up and guess what I did? I put in in a ziplock bag and mailed it back to her with a nice little note inside!!! LOL I'm still laughing about it!!!

OK, back on topic!! I was interested in getting another meter also. When I looked into it I read (I believe it was MM website but, not real sure)that they are sending the new contour meter with all new insulin pump orders. In January 2013 they will be sending all customers a letter saying that the new meters are available.

LOL..that did give me a chuckle. Yeah, apparently that's when the free meters will be available, but they are available now for purchase according to the people I spoke with. I just wanted to go ahead and make the switch for a number of reasons, one being that the contour strips will cost me less.

I really am hoping this is an anomaly. Minimed has been great otherwise and this is my first real complaint. I am still waiting for their rep to call me back (which he promised to do today). If he at least follows up, I will be happy at this point.

Oh, I didn't know they were going to be free???

Hope you get the problem resolved soon. I hate unnecessary hassles like that!

Follow up: A Minimed senior rep contacted me just now and has corrected this issue. They are sending me a meter free of charge to make up for all the hassle (not a bad deal!). They apologized for all the miscommunication regarding this issue. I'm genuinely satisfied with how this got resolved. I'm a pretty patient person and I know mistakes happen from time to time in any company. As long as a company takes the steps to rectify the situation is all that matters to me.

So, I'm happy to say that Minimed retains my A+ grade in customer service! Yay!

Glad to hear they fixed it.

Diabetes is a PITA itself...but on top of that there is more pain created by the hassles with equipment vendors and the insurance company.

Nothing is more aggravating than a company telling you you are lying - like when he told you they didn't send a meter. I had American Express do that to me once and I about blew a gasket. I wrote to the VP of customer service and they straightened it all out, but I really didn't need the hassle.

Glad to hear!!!

Be sure to let us know how you like the new meter. I used to use Bayer Contour and feel that the One Touch meters are more accurate. But the new Medtronic meter with the new strips promises to be more accurate and looks really cool.

In general I’ve had positive experiences with Medtronic for the 8 years I’ve been pumping. Once when I had a problem, I just called back the next day and got a different rep and everything was fine.

For the past 10 years I have been a supporter of Medtronic for the wonderful customer service I had received. more! Don't know if it's because I'm now on Medicare, but this past year has been the worst customer service EVER!

Back in January I received a call from one of the Medtronic CS reps that they needed a new prescription for my supplies. I asked if I should have my doctor fax it or what, and she said she'd contact the doctor and take care of it. I followed up anyway with my doctor and made sure he faxed a scrip. A month went by and I never heard anything, but I wasn't due for a refill until March anyway. In late February, I called the rep and left a message asking if everything was set for my March shipment...never got a response. Called 3 times, never got a response. Finally called the main number for Medicare recipients and got another serice rep who said he'd take care of it and, oh, by the way, I now need a new blood sugar log (since I test so much). He confirmed by email what I needed and gave me three fax numbers to send the bg log to. I faxed it within two days and both emailed and left a voice message asking him to confirm response. Again, I called and emailed and response.

Finally called and asked for a supervisor. She got on it, told me I needed to fax the bg log again, which I did, and she did confirm receipt. I finally got a supplies shipment, MINUS the test strips. Called again, and she said she was waiting for Medicare approval and would then send the strips. Meanwhile...I'm running out of strips and am going on vacation (it's now AUGUST!!!) She sent me an "emergency supply" of six bottles of strips and said once Medicare approved, she'd send the regular shipment. I asked that it not be sent for another week because I wouldn't be home to sign for it...the next morning, someone from Medtronic left a voice message saying that my test srip had been shipped. Since I wasn't home to sign for them, they were returned. Meanwhile, the "supervisor" is no longer handlig it and I have yet another rep to deal with.

To shorten what is already a way too long story, I finally got the correct shipment of test strips this week. Might I point out that this all started in JANUARY and it is now SEPTEMBER!!! And Medicare thinks we shouldn't have a large backlog of supplies - right!

I'm seriously considering switching pumps when the warranty on this one expires in 2 1/2 years.


i've been on the Metronic mini med pump for the past 11 +yrs. i am currently on my 3rd version of their pumps. now i am using the paradym wizard and i LOVE more calculations; everything i need is pre-programed into my pump. in all my yrs using this company i have only had 1 bad experience w/ their customer service, and, ironically, that has happened just this past month.i realized that i had almost run out of my resevoirs, and that Metronic had not sent me my refills. i only had about 2-3 days worth of resevoirs left; so i called them up. i got a real crabby lady on the phone and she wouldnt fill my much needed order. after about 30 minutes, she relented a wee bit, offering to send me 2 (can U believe it????) resevoirs. i told her that would only last me 4 days. she didnt seem to care one bit.i asked to speak w/ a supervisor, but she wouldnt put me thru, claiming that her supervisor would say the same thing. ok, so 2 resevoirs is better than none, and she was so crabby, i just wanted to end the conversation. so, the ntx day, i call bk and get another rep on the phone. she offers to send me 4 resevoirs and puts thru an order for my regular 3 month supply. she was as nice as could be. i told her what had happened w/ the last rep and this new one appologized profusely. not only did the resevoirs arrive the ntx day, but w/in 2 more days, i received my entire supply of refills.

Otherwise: they have proven to be uncompromisingly awsome, and have saved me in every which way, even when i have been far away on vacation!!!! i tell them my problem, and they help patiently over the phone. if i have eveer needed a new, replaecment pump or any supplies, i receive them the very ntx morning by Fed Ex. i recommend them highly.
sorry to hear about your bad experience.