Minimed phone on hold - Ugh!

I called Minimed because I had some questions about supplies and I’m supposed to do a re-order anytime now. I was on hold for more than 1 hour. I got disgusted and hung up. I swear that once I become eligible to get a new pump, I’ll choose a more responsive company. I think Minimed takes us for granted.

This type of hold is quite routine for me…when I returned their CGMS equipment I had to call and talk to a CSR so that they could send me the shipping label…I remember waiting for 45min on that one. Then, when I never heard back from them about crediting me the money for the returned transmitter, again on hold for 40min. I once called to ask them to send me samples for Sure-T infusion sets so that I could try it out…was on hold for almost 45min before I hung up - when you are so busy it’s a crime to be on hold for such long times.

I’ll grit my teeth and bear it until I have a chance to switch and then I’ll be done with them. Seriously, don’t they care about their customers?

I waited for 20 minutes on hold and then was hung up on! It’s been super frustrating dealing with them. Normally, they are prompt. I do believe it’s the recall causing problems. I still have NOT gotten any sets since I sent mine in over a month ago.

I don’t know about what day of the week other than for today, but I usually call during my lunch break between noon and 1pm Pacific time.

When I called today, I was so happy to hear the automated voice tell me that my wait time would be approximately 10min. Then, around the 20min mark, the music stopped and the phone ring sound came on - I was so hopeful! But no, the music resumed. Again, around the 45min mark, the phone ringing and music resuming happened. Around the 1 hour mark, I finally ran out of time to be on hold…I had to get back to work. My patience also ran out at this time.

I’ve noticed that my work performance suffers every time I call up Minimed - I get so frustrated and angry about the long hold times that I cannot get calm enough to concentrate on my work and get anything done.

As for Dave - I think they must recognize your phone number and treat you differently - maybe that explains why you never have to wait long. Next time when you call, try using a payphone or someone else’s phone and see if they still get to you as fast as they do now.

Don’t hold your breath, Bob. I can’t blame it all on a recall.
I think they are a poorly run company trying to cut too many
corners, to save money. Medtronic used to be a very strong,
reliable company, those days are long gone !
The Proof is in the Pudding, and the Pudding has Apparently gone Sour.

I don’t know, but I think something strange is going on at Medtronic. My boyfriend said that they are seriously afraid of running out of pumping supplies so Medtronic is “rationing”, and he’s receiving one box every 2 weeks or something until they fill his order. I also was told of being put on hold for much longer than usual. Hmmmm… Guess I should be calling soon to make sure that I get what I need!

The longest I’ve had to wait has been recently with the Lot 8 recall. Which is understandable considering how many boxes of Lot 8 got sent back all at once. There would not be enough to immediately replace those and send out all of our normal orders. I am being patient with them. They have always been very helpful to me. I hope that you start having better experiences!

And don’t forget that you forwarded the complaints to BBB and FCC, too! :slight_smile:

I’ve never had to wait that long on a call with Minimed, but navigating their phone system is no walk in the park. All the extensions for their reps changed over the last weekend, so the list of numbers they’d sent me just ONE WEEK earlier was useless.

Never had trouble getting through to the sales rep or insurance rep when I was getting a replacement pump. (Wonder why THAT would be?) but once it was ordered and I called the insurance rep for details on how to return my old pump I got the old “Not my department.” response.

These were all minor irritations compared to John’s experience (Is that your real name - John Smith?). Overall I’ve found Minimed to be quite responsive.


Yep, I get a box every 2 weeks of 1 box of my infusion sets. Did they not realize what was going to happen when they sent out the recall?

Sounds familiar. The infusion set recall has really done them in, but its not the customer’s problem. I told the last person I talked with how irritated I was with the terrible customer service and he seemed quite non challant about it. Which made me even more angry.

I know you have to time your calls, which is a pain to do. I won’t hold for more than 10 minutes, then I call back later, if ever. Sometimes emails help too.

I had nothing but helpful AND quick service from MM…until recently. They have not returned my calls about the CGMS that I want to order…In addition to changing the sales reps’ phone numbers, I think there must be a lot of moving around of reponsibilities since the lot 8 recall…The people I have talked to have continued to be just as nice…WHEN I can get a’ hold of them…The wait times have been much longer than normal, not as much as an hour or even 45 minutes, but up to15-20 minutes, which is unusual in the 7 years I have dealt with Medtronics Minimed.And as I mentioned before, there are limited call-backs when I leave a voice mail. I will have to email them with my concerns.

God Bless

When I talked with the gentleman, I told him I knew this wasn’t his fault or issue, but I asked him to pass on my irritation and feeback to his supervisor. I do my best to be polite and respectful, but I do want to make sure they understand I’m unhappy with something, especially when its difficult to get to the person who you should be telling.

After working retail and food service in the past, I know how things go. I try not to do to others as I had done to me. I’m not always perfect, but I try.