First Entry

Newly diagnosed and new to the community. I'm 28 years old and live in San Diego, CA. Hmm, what else can I mention? Well, I love my Chargers (though I HATE the coach) and I love everything Disney (especially The Little Mermaid)

I just found out on Nov 9th that I have T2. I was in line to watch a taping of Dancing with the Stars when all of a sudden I get this excruciating pain in my back/side. A trip to the Cedars-Sinai ER and another 4 hours in the waiting room - came to find out that I had kidney stones. My sugars were high that night, so the doc suggested that have some tests done when I got home just to be sure. A few days later, the doc called me and told me the diagnosis.

I will be attending my first Diabetes/Weight Management class this week.

The Chargers are on, gotta go. =D