Not that I have an interesting post to submit or a story. I did however, want to jump on and say how much I appreciate the great welcomes and support that you folks on the board gave me. Even though I’m newly diagnosed, there are times when I feel alone. Knowing that there are people to turn to worldwide, who can answer questions or provide encouragement is terrific. Thanks again, everyone!

You are newly diagnosed with type one and you are 47 years old. WOW that must have set some record. I have had D for 45 years! I cannot believe I have had it for so long. You liked Skye and left a comment - that is why I am over here! If I can ever help you - just ask. I DO have some experience sith this dam diabetes!

I agree with you Ben, it’s so lovely to find a group of people who understand and can share their experiences. I am so glad that I found this group too.