First experience with severe hypos

I have finally gotten my blood sugar under control, from a high A1c of 8.9 in December, 7.5 in March, 6.5 in July and 5.4 last week. Unfortunately I have recently experienced some low readings that have me concerned. This weekend was the worst when, on Saturday, I actually blacked out and smacked my face against the sink, broke my nose,not sure what the reading was, but was pretty sure it was a low. On Sunday, I had a reading of 92, started preparing dinner, took my insulin for dinner 10 minutes before dinner was going to be ready, then 5 minutes later felt like i was going pass out again so I took my BG and it was 41. I know I took the normal insulin coverage for 40g of carb. I took 5 sugar tabs, ate dinner and an hour later was still only at 54.
I had never had a reading below 62 before this weekend, and this weekend really scared me. Especially since I was home by myself both times. I am seeing my endo tomorrow (previously scheduled appt) and will definitely discuss this with her, but wondering if anyone might have some tips for me on how to make sure I don’t experience lows like these again. Thanks.

Ok, sure… ready ?

Cut back on the insulin coverage!!!

What the actual numbers were is completely irrelevent… the fact you are low is what is important. The fact you were low enough that you broke your nose, is really important. Therefore…

Cut back!

Control, tight control is just wonderful until of course it renders you UNCONSCIOUS. Then its not good at all.

In your place I would get two things immediately. Tubes of icing… and some bottles of regular soda, the 20oz bottles. One for the car, one for your night table, one for the fridge. The tabs are just wonderful BUT not nearly enough sometimes.

What do you make of this experience? Lows happen to all of us, and should from time to time, if we are making an effort to get our BG tighter and tighter. It is a non-desirable by product of such efforts.

Are you “afraid” to be alone now?