First Failure and how to proceed

Hello all,
I had my first pod failure this morning during my breakfast bolus. The pod just started one long constant beep until i got to the pdm and then it said the pod was deactivated and insulin delivery was stopped! So my question for you long time users is what did you do next? I have already put on and started a new pod but i was only one day into using the one that went bad. Do you guys call insulet and let them know? Or just trash it and continue on? Is there anyway to retrive the insulin back out of the bad pod? Just some questions from a newbie! Thanks for the help!!


Hi Will - unfortunately this happens from time to time but the pods benefits still outweigh the bad. First thing is to call Insulet cs and let them know what happened. They will ask you for the numbers on the back of that pod and send you a new one. As far as tthe insulin, I only withdraw it when the pod dies on application or shortly thereafter. But it’s entirely up to you and I’m sure more people will chime in.

Call Insulet since this pod failed after only 1 day. They will ask you questions about how you activated and applied the pod. They will also ask you for the error code. You wil find this by pressing the “?”. They shoud send you a replacement pod with your next shipment.

I have pulled back insulin in a very newly applied pod. Insulet doesn’t advise this but… I use the syringe supplied with the pods to do this, then carefully moniter BG.

I agree, definitely call Insulet, they won’t replace occlusions but pretty much anything else gets replaced for free! I’ve removed / reused insulin from a number of pods. Just stick the fill syringe back into the fill port and pull the insulin out. Occasionally I have trouble getting it but usually it’s easy. Insulin does have a short life when connected to your body (about 3 days). My pods usually only last for 2 to 2.5 days so I’ll pull insulin out and reuse it as long as the pod fails within the first 24 hours or so of use. Again, this is not recommended but I’ve never had a problem. Good luck!

I have been using Omnipod for a little over 2 years. At first I had over a 15% failure rate and was extremely frustrated. I gave it time and saw a vast improvement. I agree with the comments you have received thus far. I too will draw the insulin from the pod when it fails just after priming. I will add that I do call in occlusions and thus far have been getting them replaced. Maybe it’s just me after my bad start. :slight_smile:

Stick with it!