First Occlusion

Last night in the middle of the night I had my first occlusion and oh my god was the sound awful!!! My poor dog was going crazy!!! I obviously ended up changing my pod. The sound never went away when I deactivated it, I had to take the old pod apart and take the batteries out before it would stop making the sound. Has anyone ever had this problem before?

After the alert was sounding and you turned on the pdm, did it not deactivate the pod for you? I’ve had it twice and both times it shut off the pod and beeping noises.

I’ve not had it happen, but I’ve heard Spooky’s hammer trick recommended or sticking something sharp in the holes underneath.

When this happens to me I just put the pod in the fridge, it will keep on beeping but you won’t hear it. Then I crack it open in the morning with a screw driver.

You needs a pod killer.


THAT is funny!

There’s your get-rich-quick plan, Chef!

I call that kind of pod a screamer… And I did call Insulet about it. The girl told me to put it in the freezer! The darn thing kept “screaming” even frozen. Ended up leaving it in my car glove box and it took about two days to shut up! My falt was not having the PDM deactivate it. I guess I got too excited and did not read the screen…LOL

I have had this happen and I carry a small screw driver or finger clipper to pull it apart and remove the batteries. That sound wakes the whole house due to dogs barking or howling. My dog can also sense when my sugar is low during the night and will start wimpering until I get up.