First pod on. What am I looking for when I look into the window?

Ok, so I just got trained, first pod is on. I wanted my first pod to go onto my arm but my trainer was concerned because I don't have a whole lot of padding there, none really. I really wanted to see if I could use that spot so I convinced her to give it a try there.

Well, we got so distracted with other things that I forgot to ask her what it looks like when the cannula has inserted correctly, or incorrectly for that matter. I looked through the window but I have no idea what to look for.

My basal is suspended until later tonight when my Lantus dose craps out, so I don't have a bolus from the pod to tell me anything about placement.


You are looking to see if the cannula is inserted into the skin. The cannula is a very small clear “tube”. If it isn’t inserted correctly, it will look really bent…or at least that is what mine has looked like. I have been on the pod for almost a month…Love it! I wish you success and happy podding!!!

There is a clear cannula located off-center in the pod window. You should see that going into the skin. Frankly, it is difficult to see. I use a magnifying mirror to check and sometimes don’t check at all (eeks). Sometimes I only see it when I spot a little red mark where the cannula is inserted. Good luck, hope the first podding experience goes well!

If you have good eyes, you will see the canula sticking into your skin. Make sure it is not bleeding and that the canula is not kinked. You may also see insulin if there is a bad insertion and it is leaking (we have not ever had this problem). We sometimes need a magnifying glass and a flashlight to get a good look at my daughter’s pod. Don’t worry if there is condensation in the window–it happens sometimes but will clear up.

Hmmm, let’s try this. Definitely see condensation. I see a plastic thingamabob that looks straightish…

6084-pod.JPG (1.01 MB)

Looks good from here!


Thank you. =)

Ok look in that window.

Now off to the left side look real hard.

Twards the back.

Do you see it?

it’s small

and clear

so you don’t see anything?!?!?!

Welcome to my world 94.6% of the time. It’s in there don’t worry about it.


I was questioning my eysight and my sanity. I know for a fact my eyesight is bad.

Thanks Seth. =P

We only look… well if there is blood or soreness… or if the pod doesn’t seem to be working. My son says he can “tell” that it went in right now…I guess after a bunch of time you just “feel it went right or not.” I guess the main thing to look for is soreness or blood or too much fluid that could be insulin.

The only problem we have had…is the problem of pump change highs. Still working on that problem. There are many theories and possible ways to deal w/ that… not sure what works yet for my son.

Hope you an use your arms successfully…that is my son’s fav. spot…watch door ways!!! Good luck!!!

Oh… and… you know to make sure that your basal is working good before you go to sleep…right? Good luck … my son loves the Pods.

Thanks Katsz!

Yeah, my trainer was pretty adamant about not changing pods before bedtime, for one. I imagine that tonight is going to be a long vigil interrupted by sporadic minutes of sleep.

Happy PODDING from me :). My numbers were a bit jacked for a week… just see it through and learn to work it. I"m trying the arm next if I could make myself do it!

Hey Dana! I just tried my arm this past change…it was really good! Except I had to learn not to let my tote bag catch on the pod. Go for it!!!

Yes, I’m close!! Its the work thing! And sleeveless… and explaining :). I’m not usually a wimp about this stuff! Thanks for the motivation Shadow!

If you ever see blood you’re not supposed to freak out. Just watch your numbers and that will tell if you have a good connection. I would personally still be leary if there is any significant amount of blood.

Thanks Dana. =)

FHS- I dont even check anymore. I know that Insulet added the screen “Is the Cannula inserted?” for years they didnt have this, and I assume its a CYA move on thier part. My problem is I cant always (almost never) even get into a position to SEE the cannula window, and even then, it is a ■■■■■ of a time to see the cannula itself. There was a discussion a ways back on this topic, and I cant remember who but someone suggensted insulet make the cannula colored, likle a bright red or somthing. I agree, so I immediatly called and made the suggestion, and they just took it and blew me off. But, I think if we all make this suggestion, maybe they will listen!

Wow. I can’t even see it that well when the damn thing is on me. You look like you’re in. Also, a few seconds after I get it inserted, I can notice a little red spot where the cannula went in.

Congratulations. You’re going to love this thing.

I have encountered the post-change highs. Not every time, however. About half the time so far I’ve had post-change highs. My last couple didn’t make me go high. I couldn’t tell you what causes it. Do you find it happens every time you change?