Had a Pod change and the infusion site had a pretty big bump. Bad insertion?

had a devil of a time getting a pod to work on Friday. Finally, third time was the charm. I noticed during the night that I felt a little tender at the infusion site. Wasn't all that bad and I couldn't see anything (that little window is just about useless). In the interest of complete disclosure, I noticed condensation on the window. My glucose was not elevated and my bolusing seemed to be accurate. Was the cannula just a bit off under the skin? The bump is disappeared shortly after I removed the pod.

Have I answered by own question? If I did, sorry to have taken up the space.


I feel like the condensation is always there, at least for me. If you didn’t get a fatty enough site, that could be the reason for the tenderness. The bump is normal at the site of the cannula, sine that’s where the insulin was going in. Make sure you don’t insert in the same spot for a long time because that can cause occlusions.

Don’t know what the deal is with this… I have seen the same thing with some of my sites.
I am interested what others say about it, I always assumed a bump like that was some problem with some bumping the pod or getting excessively warm or something…

This was my third pod (actually worn). I hadn’t noticed anything like it before. This site was the first where I felt anything. I’m glad it’s not something that’s unheard of. I do rotate my sites. I’m most comfortable with the pods on my arms. It also seems to keep the pod out of harm’s way – for the most part. I should stop whinging, it went away right away and it wasn’t in any way painful.

I agree about the little “window”, I dont know why they ask “Is the Canula properly inserted?” after each pod change…no doubt, it’s just to cover their ■■■ legally. In fact, I never even try to see it anymore, and the way the pod is placed on my body I can never even see the window anyway! The little bumps always go away after about a day, with me. Good luck, and peace man!

Of course, these leads to pod placement. Wherever I can put the pod I cannot see into the stupid little window. I would have to be a Cirque de Soliel acrobat to actually look in. I was NEVER that limber.

Some sites just seem to create more irritation, swelling, sometimes bruising and blood seepage. It depends on how close you are to muscle, a nerve, a capillary, etc. If your number are fine, you’re good. A couple of times I’ve actually had to remove a pod because it was just too painful, but that’s very rare.

I agree with those of you who posted a comment about the “little window” of the pod…it is USELESS imho. I wish the cannula was easier to see, like maybe they should make it blue or some color that is clearly visible. I’ve also experienced an irritation or a small bump after removing the pod - which usually goes away in a little while. Sometimes I will put Bendadryl cream on it because of the irritation.

i never heard about using Benedryl cream, that is a great idea! I agree with the blue/red colored canula also, anohter great idea. Keep em coming, Mayumi!

I have wondered about a lightly hued clear cannula that would stand out in all that white. It would also be a better design if the window portion were the whole front of the pod.

Helllllooooo, Insulet. Can you hear me now?

Or at least making the canula centered to the window. I am sure there are engineering limitations behind it because of space/real-estate, but having the canula sit “off to the side” within that window just seems like an error from the start. It definitely makes it difficult to see when it’s on my arm or back and I’m trying to get a glimpse of it in the mirror :-/

Speaking of what we’d like…I wish the tape around the useless little window were just a little less crinkle-able and a little more adhesive…or the cannula just a mm longer. I think the nose of the pod has some design flaws that I hope will be tweaked in later gen’s.

Lets all agree to call into Insulet today with our suggestions! a Mass effort, I dont think they will ignore!

While we’re compiling a “wish list”, I would like to see a very small increase in the adhesive at the back of the pod (the part where it is sort of squared off) because it seems like that is the part that crinkles up easily when placing on the insertion site.

I must be the (a) unluckiest boy in the world or (b) the clumsiest boy in the world. Yesterday morning, on my way into the bathroom, I nicked the corner of the wall. Barely grazed it, honest. The pod started screeching. I’ve had almost one a day go off like that. Is it me?

I am afraid its probably YOU, man. I’m sorry! I’'ve had some bad streaks, but never one a day for any more than two weeks! (Insulet finally sent me a whole new case…took alot of complaining and threats);

I just got off the phone…they were very courteous, but pretty much useless. The reps are trained to be helpful according to the needs of each case, and they have about Zero influence on design or chenge needs.

Man, the truth stings. :slight_smile:

They should have someone in their marketing department take these calls and take the suggestions by the users. It could really flatten the learning curve. It’s a very clever device.

Awww…don’t feel bad. I think most ‘pod’ users have done the same thing at least once - or twice - or three times :slight_smile: Pretty soon a person learns how to walk through hallways and through doorways. It is most aggravating when we are the cause of our own misery. In other words…been there, done that.