First Post


I am here as part of the never-ending quest to learn more about diabetes, especially through sharing experiences with others. If you have been bouncing around the internet looking for information on diabetes there is a good chance that you might have seen me around before, under one alias or another. Different mediums have different strengths and weaknesses and I am always looking out for more ways to connect with others.

A rundown of where else you might find me:

I have had had type 1 diabetes for 12 and a half years, have been pumping with a Cozmo 1800 for six whole weeks now, and take Symlin with breakfast and dinner. I am definitely going through an adjustment with the pump, and I would appreciate hearing about anyone's experience about Symlin as well.

Looking forward to chatting with everyone. OKBye.


Hi there

I’m a reader of onesweetadventure, you’re in my blogroll. Welcome to TuDiabetes.


Hi Bernard! I started a discussion thread about Symlin so hopefully we can get people sharing their experiences all in one place.