WOW, What a Group!

This is possibly the friendliest bunch of people in the universe. I have been on other sites where it has taken years to notice that there is another person online, so it is nice that this one is so welcoming. This will be my 19th year as a type 1 diabetic. For most of those 19 years I have been well controlled, but over the past few years I have gotten quite brittle, and so I just receintly moved to the insulin pump–something that I have been trying to get for almost 8 years now. Was it everything I expected? No, it was EVEN better. Yeah, I have to carry something the size of a large pager on my at all times, but in the day and age of technology, most people think its a type of blackberry. I am glad to find this group as I know that I will have many questions and hope can give some people some answers (as I was quite skillful with ordinary insulin injections).