Well, here I am. I stumbled upon this site during a weekly trek through the world wide web. I’ve been looking for information on diabetes and pumping. I was diagnosed with IDDM (is that an old term?) last November. Since then, I’ve been working on feeling better and moving on. In the next month, I’ll be starting on an Animas 2020 pump. I’m getting excited. I’ll be able to go out and not worry about running home to take my injection, or freaking out if I didn’t set my alarm and wake up late for my Lantus. Yes, I understand that there’s a huge learning curve related to pumping, but I think that I’m up for it.

Well, I just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi!


It’s great to have you here and good luck with the pump.


I suspect you may get used to pumping faster than you can imagine. If you have questions, there’s a great section in the Forum for Insulin Pumpers.


Thanks for the good wishes, Luis and I’m going to look into the Pumpers forum. This is such a great place!


Thanks for the invite. I welcome you as a friend. It is not always easy with the diabetes. I have been pumping since july of 1992. I would never go back. Was doing 6 shots per day prior to that. I find it so much nicer with this way. Just recently started on the 522 paradigm. In fact it is vibrating now to tell it is time to recheck the blood sugar so will sign off and encourage you with the new treatment. It was the absolutely best thing I ever did was to change to this treatment and I can tell you stories from as far back as September 1960. That is how long I have lived with this. It is doable. I also am pleased to say nil on the complications. What an interesting job you have. patty


I’ve got to say, Patty that in the weeks waiting to start, I’m getting pretty nervous. So much to learn. You’re right, though. I’m sure that I’ll feel much better once I get used to a new therapy and a new way of approaching things. One of the reasons I’ve asked to switch to pumping is that I’m tired of the 4 shots a day. Thanks so much for your feedback, and I’ll certainly keep you up to date as to my progress. Again, have a safe trip and most of all, have fun!