First Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes


Yes! I always hated how low blood sugars felt too! And when you run high for so long, having a bg of 80-100 can make you feel those low symptoms. At least it did for me for a bit, until my body adjusted.

Cutting carbs can be soooo hard, I know, because they’re literally addictive. You’re in a tough spot where you’re already pregnant and need to keep those sugars in line. I usually tell people to start making small changes, a little at a time, but it will have to be up to you to see how much you can handle and want to attempt at once.

You may just have to nibble on saltines all day right now to keep the nausea at bay. Maybe try with a bit of cheese or plain (low sugar) peanut butter or almond butter to help slow the digestion, keep something in your stomach a bit longer, and minimize the bg spike. I got away with eating more carbs than usual in the first trimester because I was trending low, but overall it wasn’t too bad. Not looking forward to the third trimester insulin dosage increases though!

Keto is just low carb (and the definition of “low” is different for everyone - especially t1’s, so don’t believe all the hype), with moderate protein and high fat. The protein and fat keep you satisfied for longer periods of time, so the idea is you won’t be craving those higher carb meals. Then for those who are trying to lose weight, because there aren’t any/as much carbs to burn as fuel, your body turns to burning stored fat.

I’d advise you to look on pinterest. There are TONS of awesome recipes. As type 1’s though, the trick is to still calculate the way part of the protein you eat affects bg levels, your liver dumping glucose, etc. There’s a good brief article on the blog that explains it. Just search for the word “ketogenic” and it should come up.

Becoming a mommy is the greatest motivation I have ever felt to take care of myself so it makes it easy for me. There’s nothing that frustrates me more than a high blood sugar that just. won’t. come. down! Coughlevemircough!

People -maybe even your doctor- will tell you that a growing baby needs carbs, but there’s plenty of evidence that that just isn’t true. Good quality protein and fat (not fat from fast food!) will do you wonders, I just know it! I THINK and I have not researched this, but I think that for me, eating keto first helped me get pregnant in the first place, and second had already turned on my fat-burning mechanisms so that baby can use the fat reserves in my body, and get plenty of good cholesterol to help brain development, etc. Now, I’m definitely not saying I eat perfect & my way is best. I still slack on a lot of veggies! And I haven’t lost a ton of weight but at this point I’m thankful to not be gaining. Almost all my pre-pregnancy clothes still fit and the ones I can wear now will most likely still fit by the end of this 9 months (I don’t wear tight clothes to begin with!). So definitely YDMV!

Is your cgm the one that’s integrated with the Medtronic pump? Or is it a Dexcom? I’m surprised they’re making you wait two weeks to go to a class. I would think your situation required immediate training! Maybe they could get you in to see a diabetes educator sooner? I’ve never used medtronic myself, so I’m no help there!

I had a fantastic visit with the endo on Tuesday. I had never seen him before, and had only seen the PA’s (in fact, I don’t have great luck with endo’s themselves). He was a bit brusque at first, but really spent a lot of time going over everything with me & getting my feedback. My a1c was still 5.4, which was a relief, as I thought with that stupid Levemir I would have gone up a bit. I’ve actually lost 3lbs, and I hadn’t gained any weight to begin with (lets thank my mostly keto eating habits for that). My bp was a smidge high when I got there (traffic!) so he gave me the benefit of the doubt and took it again (117/72). And because I’ve been doing so well, he bumped my visits to every 6 weeks instead of every 4. Sweet! Less time spent in Atlanta traffic - I am a-ok with that!

I hope you’re doing well, keep on doing the best you can!


Hey everyone!

I’m sooooooo happy I found this forum because being t1 diabetic and pregnant can be overwhelming! I’m 29yrs old and 8weeks pregnant. I’ve been back and fourth in the hospital due to nausea and vomiting. I also have Gastroparesis. It’s sooo hard and I’m trying to remain positive throughout! I first got diagnosed with diabetes 6 years ago and my ac1 was 18, it’s currently at a 7. Do anyone have any tips on what to eat and what to do about the nausea, it’s like once I start vommiting I can’t stop and end back up in the hospital all over again. While being there they give me reglan, Zophran, and fluids which feel like temporarily quick fixes! Any advice will help

Thanks guys


Hi Sade,

I am a lot older than you and have had Type 1 for 25 years. Definitely keep a positive attitude and realize this time will pass and it will get easier. I was told a while back that I may have Gastroparesis. I had higher A1C and worked on reducing my A1C to right at 7. I have had severe lows so my doctor usually doesn’t want lower than that because aiming lower causes a ton of lows. Anyways, when told about the Gastroparesis I changed my diet a lot. I had noticed a lot of pain and nausea after going out to eat. So I cut back on meat…no more steak. I think high fiber foods can cause issues. Any foods that are harder to digest. Have you seen a dietitian or nutritionist lately? I also in the past have taken different digestive enzymes that helped me with pain and nausea. I haven’t been pregnant since my 20’s though so you should definitely ask your doctor. But, cutting out certain foods helped me and making sure I don’t eat too late at night or before going to sleep. Maybe try taking a walk after eating if you aren’t already.


How did go with your pregnancy? It would be so comforting to me if you could share your experience. I have been diagnosed with type 1 for past 7 years and now I am 8 weeks pregnant with constant highs and lows. It keeps me worried all the time thinking I am hurting my baby. Please update. Thank you


Hi! So sorry I haven’t updated in a while. And I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling uneasy due to the highs and lows. That’s how I was during early pregnancy as well before my endocrinologist got a better look at my BG pattern and developed a good basal rate throughout the day.

Good news!!! I gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby boy on October 3rd. 6 weeks early haha…

I developed severe preeclampsia towards the end there. My BP was usually in the mid/high 120s/80s but during my first growth scan at 33 weeks I had protein in my urine and a few days after that, they had to induce me. Baby was healthy and normal throughout the pregnancy at every ultrasound, his echocardiogram to check his heart, and at the only growth scan we were able to attend haha. He was actually measuring between the 13th-30th percentile mid pregnancy which my OB said was the smaller side of normal so they just kept an eye on how much amniotic fluid was in there. My OB said that long-standing diabetes could actually have something to do with baby measuring a bit small because at this point, my blood vessels are more constricted which means less nutrients could be passing to baby through the placenta. The lowest my A1C got was 6.5. I got a lot of lows after correction so that was the lowest we could get my A1C without my BGs getting too low too often. In the end, my baby boy was born at 33 weeks and 6 days weighing 4 lbs, 4 oz and 18 in. His BGs were normal and were not dropping so he wasn’t dependent on my high glucose levels. He was in the NICU for 30 days to feed and grow. Now he’s home with us, thank God.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

This forum and the people here were a God send to me at the scariest time of my life. I’d be happy to offer the same support I’ve been given. Thank you all!

Caren E. Medina


@CEMedz Congratulations, Caren!


Congratulations! !!! So happy for you and a great relief for me hearing this happy news.

It is very difficult to get in touch with our similar conditions so happy could find this forum and people like you who are ready to help.

I am always worried of this highs which goes up to 200 sometimes unexpectedly and it would freak me out a lot. And the doctor keeps on saying I will hurt my baby if these happen. How high did your BS go throughout your pregnancy? Will it always affect the baby badly ?I may sound paranoid🤭

I really appreciate you taking time and replying to all these questions. You have no idea how comforting this is.


During my pregnancy, I had a few 200s, maybe a couple high 200s and a low 300 (rarely) especially towards the end when my belly was growing and my infusion sites for my pump kept going bad. A high BG doesn’t necessarily mean you’re hurting your baby as long as you fix it right away. I was told to make sure that a high BG doesn’t last for hours in order to prevent harming the baby in any way. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you have a high reading here or there! But also just do the best you can, don’t take the high readings too lightly as well, and work closely with your endocrinologist if you notice your BGs are creeping up


Thank you so much! :grinning:


hi all! loving this thread - i find these forums more helpful than most of my doctors appointment. i’m 24 weeks and have had an A1C of 5.7 – 6 throughout, but was just told i has polyhydramnios and it can reverse if i get my blood sugars until tighter control. My only really issue is after lunch! And at work – it creeps to 160 no matter how early i take my insulin (non pump) or how few carbs i eat! Any insight on the lunchtime work place meal and how to keep that lower? Its probably stress, lol. But i feel like that is where my issues came from… :frowning: thanks all!


I had been a type 1 for 29 yrs before I got pregnant at 37. That was 30 yrs ago. Of course I didn’t have a pump or a CGM. My A1c was about 5 while pregnant. It hadn’t been that low before.
I remember the first 3 months being the most difficult due to tiredness mostly. I was a student, but not woking at that time.

I think the doctor went overboard with the amount of ultrasounds that I had to have, and I feel like my delivery shouldn’t have been scheduled which made the birth more difficult. My perfect son weighed 6 lbs 3 oz.

I can understand why your doctor feels you would be better off not working at night.

Best of luck to you. Congratulations!


5.7 is great! Wow you’d need tighter control than THAT to reverse the polyhydramnios? I was going to say it sounds like stress too since you’re bolusing before meals (10-15 min?)and eating low carbs. Maybe try walking around a little more if you can?

Sorry I saw this so late. Best of luck!!!


Thank you! And thank you for sharing your story! Wow you had amazing control over your BGs and without the help of this new technology. I wish I was more disciplined about that.

Well good news I’m not working nights anymore! My husband is in the Air Force and had to move us out to Japan when our little boy was 2 months old. So I’ll be a stay at home mom for the next 2 years. I was iffy about it at first but at least this way I’ll be around everyday to watch my son grow up until he’s ready to go to school :slightly_smiling_face:


This is great news. The two years will fly by. Meanwhile you won’t miss a thing with your son. He is a lucky little boy.