Pregnant with Type 1

Just wondering if anyone with type 1 can share their pregnancy stories with me.

Just found out i'm 5 weeks, and very stressed as i hadn't been very good with my testing, injections etc.

Thanks! x


This is crazy. I literally took 2 tests last night, both positive. I am very stressed as well bc my diabetes care and A1C levels are not in the range they need to be in, especially considering what they should be in prior to pregnancy. I am totally freaking out.

I do want to congratulate you though!! In the grand scheme of things this is a true blessing beginning in our lives and we both will get better with our care and our blood sugar control. There are plenty of healthy diabetic pregnancies, births and babies.

I am in a way relieved to read someone is sharing the almost identical situation as I am. Please reach out if you need anything.. I would love to be able to communicate during this process with someone who can relate to what I am going thru.

BTW I am estimated to be around 4 or 5 weeks as well. Best wishes to you!!

please join this Group

lots of successful stories can be found there

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I have technically had two, successful, pregnancies while type 1. I say that because I was thought to have gestational diabetes during one pregnancy only to find out four months post partum that it was type one diabetes, not gestational. The one insulin dependant pregnancy I had went very smoothly. I was at a good A1C before getting pregnant, but I did struggle during the first trimester with high blood sugar, then low blood sugar during the second trimester, then high again during the third. It felt like I was failing miserably, but my A1C was consistent about 5.4 throughout the pregnancy. I was on MDI during the first trimester, but when I started having lows during the second I was able to get on the MiniMed Paradigm Pump and that helped a lot! I went to 40 weeks and 4 days and was able to have a natural delivery of my 10lb baby. I did worry a lot about if I was doing well enough to keep him healthy and it was stressful, but he had no blood sugar issues and aside from being massive was very healthy. Honestly I felt I had way better control while pregnant and breastfeeding than I do now with the constant hormone shifts from weaning!


At the moment my A1C is 7% going down from 7.6 in just 3 weeks.

I've been reading alot about the risks and problems that happen during the pregnancy and haven't really read alot about the positives which is why im here.

Since finding out i've been testing about 8 times or more a day and my levels have been in between 3 and highest 6.

Would love to keep in contact during this :) feel free to email me or just keep in contact on here.

Best wishes to you too! xx

Thanks Nikki for the reply.

Any tips on getting your A1C lower? Mine hasn't been lower than 7% but in saying that before falling pregnant i wasn't keeping very on top of everything, i.e. not taking regular doses of my short acting insulin, not testing at all and forgetting long acting insulin on occasion.

I feel now hopefully it will go down as i'm being very strict on myself measuring carbs with my insulin, testing more than 8 times a day etc.


Thank you Marie, have joined :)

Thank you!

Yes I know what you mean.. a simple google search on the subject and it's like nothing but negativity and horror stories.

I am testing probably 7x/day and am getting better readings than I have been, so that is some good progress.

Congrats to you on your A1C improvement!!

I will add your email & feel free to email me anytime as well @

I'm 8 weeks 4 days pregnant. My a1cs was 6.3 when we were trying and most recently was 6.8. My endo gave me a target of 6.5 when we were trying to conceive and I started out at 7 (but have never had higher than 7). Though I try my best to count as best I can, I eat carbs that can vary and sometimes I don't get it right. For example, my CGM says my BG right now is 190. It does worry me and makes me feel guilty that I could be harming the baby's development. My endo said that at this stage the difference between an a1c of 6.8 or a 5.4, isn't going to be a big deal and that miscarriage will be due to chromosomal defects, alcohol or drug use and not related to things about my diabetes. At 7 weeks, I went in for a dating ultrasound and saw heartbeat which made me happy, but every day I still do worry. I don't know if I can ever stop worrying. Having type 1 diabetes, which is a 1% of the population thing - makes me think that I am susceptible to the things that other people don't worry about because I am that unlucky 1%. It's hard to be positive, but I do try because who wants to live life worrying that they're going to go outside and be hit by a bus?

You should read Cheryl Akons book about managing Diabetes and Pregnancy, it has always helped me calm down when I get nervous about blood sugars that become difficult due to pregnancy. I had an unexpected twin pregnancy 2 years ago that ended wonderfully, so it can be done. What I ended up doing daily, with everything I ate was pre-bolus for it. If I was in range I would bolus 30 min ahead of time for what I planned on eating, if I wasn't in range I would pre bolus an hour ahead of time. My A1C was 5.7 during the pregnancy.

Also, If it is possible, use exercise to get your BG down quickly, I used to take my dogs for fast walks around the neighborhood.