First Sensor

So I just inserted the first sensor on my son and I forgot to “pinch up” when I injected it. It went in fine, and the receiver is picking him up for the warm up period - will it be okay? Is it possible to get it in the wrong place if you don’t pinch up on the skin?

It should be fine. Good luck!

Thanks! Next question - doesn’t Caleb wear his low on his back? Sam’s is so sweaty after just a couple of hours that it’s coming off! We used skin-prep, but it’s still coming off on the bottom.

I have heard people swear by Skin Tac - hard to get the sucker off. We have recently started putting IV300 or Opsite Flexifix underneath the adhesive because after months of no issues, Caleb’s skin started to react very poorly to the sensors. It’s helped a lot with that and seems to stick a little better. Several people use the flexifix under (cut a hole for the insertion) and also on top to secure it.

And yes - low on his back, aka - tushie. :slight_smile: I typically pinch up but have also not pinched.

PS - If it ever bleeds, don’t panic, it won’t impact the sensor. Caleb even had a major gusher once.

Tonight’s the first night? I will be interested to see how your readings go. Before we started letting it sit overnight before starting it, Caleb’s first night would show skyrocketing BGs in error then ??? till about 2am and then come back spot on - very strange, but I know of other kids (only kids) who experience the same.

Good luck!

This just happened last night! I forgot you had warned us of this, and at midnight we saw the skyrocketing numbers - then ??? and I thought we had a bad sensor. But it was fine this morning! Weird.

Isn’t it the strangest thing? And I have yet to hear of it happening in an adult.