First time night sweats

I have had type 2 for about 4 years now and this is the first time this week I have had night sweats. Do you feel tired as the sweats wear off? I even get them in the daytime , is this normal? Blood sugar count jumps all over the place. Also what does my A1c count mean? Does this mean I am type two or one?

Vinny, your a1c is like an average of how your blood sugar has been over the past three months. It should be a number less than 7 to be considered good control. It doesn’t make you a type 1 or 2. You are probably type 2. I encourage you to visit Jenny’s page, and visit her website, blood sugar 101. She explains a lot of things about diabetes very well. Take care, and keep in touch if you have any other questions.

Are they cold sweats? That happens to me a few times a month it always means that my sugar is too low, usually way too low if i sweat. Just check to see if thats the problem and drink some juice if it is, you can expect to feel drained for a few minutes.

For me I have cold sweats when I am low and normally it takes my 24 hours to recover from a low and all I want to do is sleep.

Night sweats can be due to several conditions, but one of them is hypoglycemia. Could it be your oral meds are dropping your blood sugar? (How long have you been on them? Have they changed recently?) Or you’re eating fewer carbs? What carbs and when? Or have you been exercising more frequently/harder?
By “blood sugar…jumps all over the place” I assume you mean during the night at the time of the sweat - that one night with the sweat it’s one number, and another night it’s a different number?? With each night sweat it should be LOW or lowering from normal.
Blood sugar during the daytime fluctuates with the carbs you eat, your exercise, and your meds.
Keep a GOOD record, keep track of when you take your meds, when and what you eat (how many carbs and fats in grams), when and how heavy you exercise, and your test results and time. How often are you testing?
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An A1c may be done whether you are Type 1 OR Type 2. It doesn’t mean you are either, but it does tell the doctor about how well therapy is working. He/she will want to know what you’re finding from your own record of food, meds, exercise & blood test results. And they sure won’t want you having those sweats/low blood sugars!
If your doctor doesn’t have room for an appointment right away, try for the diabetes educator at a nearby hospital. Keep working to get in and talk with someone. And take your record of what’s been happening. Good luck!

Thanks for the reply!!

I also have fatigue as I wake up with a dry mouth. The night sweats have just started but dont have them all the time. This morning I woke up at 3:am with a tingle in both arms and behind my sholder blades. Thats what the fatigue feeling feels like. Got put in the hospital three days ago and they gave me all the tests for the heart. Passed with flying colors, stress test and echo, and a million blood tests. The fatigue lasts for about half a day and i’m normal. Starts again each morning. Dr. thought it was one of my drugs and i am no longer on it. Have been off it for 4 days but still get the fatigue. Guess I will have to go to ER and camp there and tell them to find the cause or I am not leaving. LOL