Night sweats/chills

i cannot get a good night sleep- it's been like this for so long, it's my normal. but i'm not getting sick, so my body is tolerating it. i have a theory based on my 23andme genetic testing and my family history that i am insulin deficient.

is it possible that my insulin is at low at night and my body senses that, causing glucagon to be secreted in order to dump blood sugar into my system? i've heard that that might be causing the heat-ups (not to the point of sweating) and the follow-up chills (as opposed to perimenopause since i am 49). i took my blood sugar in the middle of the night right when a heat-up began and it was only 80. but in the morning my bg was like 98.

i had an OGTT in dec. 2013 fasting 90 /half hour 165/one hour 128/two hours 128. the nurse practitioner said everything was A-OK and to make sure to have my A1c tested once a year.

anybody having these heat-ups/chills in the middle of the night?

i should also mention i get night sweats but take no diabetes medications/insulin. have any LADA people gotten night sweats before they were diagnosed?

Sweating caused by hypoglycemia-induced adrenaline is common. Adding glucose alleviates the symptom but can lead to feeling chilly. 80 is not low but may produce relative hypo if your body is more used to high 90s or it drops quickly. With current meter inaccuracies, that 80 could have been a 64.

Hyperglycemia can also cause overheating. The thyroid plays some role in the regulation of body temperature.

I didn't get night sweats but I did go through many reactive hypoglycemia incidents. I was diagnosed T1, but fit the slow onset adult dx that typifies LADA. No DKA and no antibody tests in 1984.

i wake up anywhere from 93 to 109. before sleep i am probably 111. if i am having relative false hypos at night because my body is used to higher numbers in the daytime, do you think it plausible that working harder to lower my daytime numbers into the 80s might help with the night sweats? i will try this out, but was just wondering what people thought. thanks for all the replies. as to thyroid, when i see an endo this summer, i will bring up this issue and see if the endo thinks i should get more extensive thyroid testing than just the TSH test i always get and which is within range (but which i her doesn't also reveal much).

How long have you been dealing with this? It doesn't sound that your #'s are high enough during the day to react that dramatically to 80 at night. Why do you not think it is caused by perimenopause? I had random night sweats for a few years before I was diagnosed at 50. I have pretty dramatic lows that cause sweating, but not like those hormone induced tidal waves of heat, sweat and chills. Good luck.

it comes and goes. the heating up picked up more when i tried to add a little rice to my diet and was getting 160 at one hour. i only did that for 3 days. now i don't have it as bad, so maybe my body is readjusting to lower carb. the only full night sleep i can remember was like one year ago when i skipped lunch. so i am skipping lunch today to see what will happen. maybe it is perimenopause. i'm just going by trial and error. i don't actually sweat at all. i just heat up. then i throw off someof the covers and i might start to chill or i might be fine. this is extrememly variable. in the fall i really hardly had it at all. my problem is i should keep a record of carb grams,but i hate doing that. i will see what happens today after skipping lunch and not pigging out a dinner. i try to learn from other people's experiences.<

I had pretty bad night sweats and chills before I was diagnosed. I remember waking up soaked through and shaking with cold. It was definitely diabetes-related, and once I had my D under control they stopped. It took a few weeks, though, to subside completely.

Interesting. Not sweating does make menopause seem less likely. You are more woman than I to be able to skip lunch! Keep us posted.

We're all different; I had pretty mild perimenopause and would just get the hot flashes without any sweating.

i did skip lunch without feeling crappy. maybe i got a little cold. i ate 2 eggs with cheese and asparagus and coffee at 5:30 am. when i got home at 4:30 pm, my bg was 77. i never see it like that.

on march 25 I woke up with bg of 102. as I said I ate breakfast and skipped lunch. when I got home my bg was 77. when I went to sleep it was 106. I still had a minor episode of a warm-up, but by the scientifically-valid metric of keeping my sweat pants on instead on peeling down to undies due to heat, I did not overheat so much since the sweats were still on in the morning. and my bg was 91 which I used to get all the time, but it has been high 90s, 100-108 lately. same breakfast, no lunch. came home and bg was 72. after eating lots of protein, greens, and a small amount of greek yogurt, cocoa, sugar free chocolate syrup and peanut butter, it was 106 at one hour ad 110 at 1.5 hours. I will take it again before I sleep. so far so good.

Hope you are able to keep the sweats on tonight!

YES! OMG! The night sweats! Miserable.

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I am in the second day of a fever blister starting up. I rarely get them, so I think this skipping lunch 3 days in a row is not helping. and my sleep in terms of temp changes is not getting better. I used to regularly do fasted exercise once a week, so I will go back to that. no more daily skipping lunch. I wasn't really hungry and I feel I could do it without being uncomfortable. and I feel that I am losing weight. but the cold sore and continued poor sleep means this particular experiment is over. how do I know if my temp changes are rooted in nocturnal hypoglycemia or in perimenopause?

"how do I know if my temp changes are rooted in nocturnal hypoglycemia or in perimenopause?" THAT'S what I've been trying to figure out! Get one answer from endo and different answer from Gyno. Good question.

For me, the two scenarios had very different feels. Perimenopausal night sweats were drenching heat waves that other than leaving me soaked and cold when my body cooled, felt sort of "cleansing." Pre CGM hypos woke me up before I started sweating and gave me that familiar shaky disoriented feeling. (Luckily I still have awareness.)

One adventure after the other. Sorry.

what is it like not to have hypo awareness and how does that happen? what are the dangers of it?