First time on insulin, today

Hi all. I just started on insulin this evening. I take Levemir 10 units for 3 to 4 days in order to reach my target of 5 to 7 mmol. My first injection went well. This will be a nice change from Victoza, which gave me nasty gastric symptoms.
I also take Januvia, 100 mg. I am a Type 2 and glad to be in this group.

Glad it went well, at least you knew how and what to expect as far as the needle stick goes. That first insulin injection is un-nerving but you get use to the idea pretty fast.

Most doctors will start you on a conservative dose of Levemir and most people do require that amount to be raised. That was the case with me as the amount continued to rise I became concerned about how much I was taking. I asked my doctor and he told me that as long as my bg wasn't going low that you cannot take to much insulin.

Please keep us posted on your progress.

Thanks for the information Emmy. I won't have to pay for the meter; I checked with the pharmacy and this one is free, just like my last one. I wanted a smaller meter so I can carry it with me now that I am on insulin, and it will work on a Mac!
I was started on 10 units of Levemir. So far so good, my numbers are within the target of 5-7 mmol. I am also on Januvia 100mg.

I am fine on Januvia--no side effects. I have been on it since I was diagnosed with Type 2. Yes, my numbers have been good; however I made bannock this evening and I am sure that will affect my numbers, aagh!

Not sure if I was flashing, but I have had a few bouts of very heavy sweating and hot feet. Is this from diabetes, or insulin? I do get hot flashes, but these episodes are quite different. I had an episode at 2 a.m. so I took my BG and it was 5.7, not high and not low.