Five Interesting and/or Weird Facts about YOU

Just for fun I thought I’d try this out for a thread subject and see if it catches on.

Post one or more interesting and/or weird facts about you…preferably

something that nobody here knows. Remember, though, this is a family

forum, so keep it clean.

I’ll start:

1- I already give a CV for a job with my brother’s picture within. Since we are identical twins, nobody notice !!!

2- Like many of you, I eat each thing separately in my plate, one at the time.

3- I already be near to die in a SCUBA diving accident. In a river diving, the rope that keeps me at the same place broke and I did 1 miles in a “rafting rapid like river” with a scuba diving equipment. I lose my weight belt, one fin, one mask glasse and I nearly broke my right ankle. Never dive in a river since that.

4- I’m doing salmon fly tying as a hobby.

5- I’m unable to work crouched. I need to be sit or stand.

  1. I’m only 4’9.
  2. English is NOT my first language. Trust me, a lot of people still have not caught on to that… :confused:
  3. I can drive a fork lift.
  4. I raced BMX when I was a tween.
  5. I can blow bubbles with my own spit.
  6. I know most of the ex members of Menudo, because A.) They raced BMX too, or B.) They did cycling later (which we also did in my family), and C.) They went to my school or a friend’s school. (Ricky Martin, Miguel Cancel, etc.)
  1. To relax… I jump out of airplanes
  2. I am 40… and both my kids are out of college
  3. Not to be outdone by Lizmari… I can spit with my glands
  4. I am a rabid Oregon Duck fan
  5. As a teen I spent 4 days in a snow cave on Mt Rainer stuck in a blizzard
  1. I lead a boring life, I am not good with spit!

  2. I made it to the cutting room floor for Paul Newman’s movie Slap Shot. It was filmed in 1977 and all the HS bands in the area were invited to march in a victory parade for Paul Newman’s hockey team. I was in the color guard and they did show a clip of my HS band’s majorettes that were right in front of me. I cut got!

  3. When Regan was elected president, I worked in the building next to his campaign headquarters. While he was president-elect, he went to his campaign headworkers to thank all the workers. Because of security, they were closing off access to all the buildings on the block so we knew he was coming. Every one in my office except me and one other guy went down to see him come. I didn’t like the idea of a movie star being president so did not go down. All the people from my office that went down got to shake hands with him. Now that I am an adult, I wish I had done that regardless of what I thought about him at the time.

  4. My grandfather and some famous movie star’s father owned a beer distributor together but now I can’t remember her name! He died when I was 1 so that was a long, long time ago!

  5. I was investigated by the Secret Service for passing a $20 counterfeit bill when I was in college. I actually got it from the bank – I was the first person in the door that morning then walked down the street to pay my phone bill. The guy at the phone company noticed it was shorter than the other bills but I had left before he noticed.
  1. Im a lot nicer than I look.
  2. Ive been arrested in Mexico (15 years ago) and not been back since.
  3. I’ve been in college for more than 10 years, yet have no degree.
  4. I don’t pay attention to any sports, but once every 4 years become a rabid Deutscher Fussball Bund fan (also known as a soccer hooligan).
  5. I prefer things (goods, methodologies, etc.) from the 30s-70s than things from today.
  1. I tried out for Jeopardy! but crapped out during the initial quiz.
  2. I have four advanced degrees.
  3. The one time I went skiing, I fell down and got hit in the back of the head with the chairlift, TWICE.
  4. I can bend both of my elbows backward
  5. I don’t know how to drive a stick-shift.

What is your first language ? English is not mine too. French is my native.