GAME: 5 Random facts... about us!

Hey guys! I’m one of those people who Facebook’s obsessively and I just love those 5 random fact tags. So for a little fun, and a little gloating on my part: LET’S PLAY A GAME:

Just list 5 random things about yourself. I’ll go first. :slight_smile:

1. I need a good solid hour of quiet when I first wake up. My husband and I have never both worked days (he’s usually on the 3-11 shift) so I have quiet when I get up for work because he’s still sleeping. This is blatantly apparent this week as he is on days for a week and GOOD GOD does he talk in the morning! How could I forget that?!

2. I LOVE Diet Pepsi. Not so much Diet Coke, but I’ll drink it if there is no Pepsi available. I think Diet Pepsi has a crisp bite that Coke doesn’t seem to have for me.

3. I am afraid of bugs. Not just bee’s or wasp’s, but all bugs, butterflies too. I’m fairly sure that butterflies have no actual flight path. I think they just flap their wings and end up where ever, so I can’t predict where they will be, hence I don’t like them. Ants, flies, mosquito’s (well, most people don’t like them) but basically every bug in existence.

4. I don’t sleep with a pillow. Not because I don’t want to but because one of my tiny demon cats manages to steal it from me every blasted night. She’s usually hoiity toitty so I give her this one “bonding” moment with me.

5. I hate romantic movies. My husband says I’m more boy than he is because I love action or sci fi movies where stuff is blowing up or aliens are invading. But on the other end of the spectrum, I only read romance novels as a rule. What’s up with that?!

I hope you guys will join in. This could be a lot of fun!

Fun is good… hummngh.

  1. Succatash (with lima beans) looks like the giant green ticks our dog used to get, when I was a child. Succatash is “off the list” forever because of that

  2. Big toenails should not be this odd color, (I think)!

  3. Cats are much smarter than dogs. But dogs interact (normally) with everybody in more interesting ways

  4. The “laundry fairy” is a bogus myth. I’ve waited for days and my laundry has only grown. I’ll keep hoping of course BUT…

5 Meters should be totally made of heavy rubber. When we do everything dead right, the blood gets sucked onto/into the strip, and an ERROR message appears anyway. That should be totally impossible.

We should be able to throw said meters like bouncy balls from the quarter machine at the super market when those (@)#@#@#& messages do appear!.

Hows that?


I agree! I’ve often thought of chucking my meter. Yesterday, I took my BG at a stop light, and handed the meter to my husband to wait for the result, and he took the strip right out! So, I had to do it again. I thought very hard about chucking my HUSBAND out the window, but alas… he’s reasonably good looking so I’ll keep him a while. :slight_smile:

  1. I play the bagpipes and march with a pipe band.

  2. I love diet Coke - I don’t drink coffee or tea much, and it is my source of caffeine.

  3. I love sleeping with “my” pillows. I don’t sleep well at hotels, friend’s house with other pillows. I think I have an emotional attachment to them - like my “wubbie.” hahaha

  4. I am a nurse and the one thing I can’t stand is the smell of poop. Every nurse has their one thing they can’t stand and mine is smells.

  5. I love sushi - my BG doesn’t like it, but I LOVE sushi.

This is fun! It would be nice to know things more about the members on site that have nothing to do with diabetes.

Hmm, let’s see.

  1. I can be extremely indecisive. I will (or used to before D) buy something based on the cuter or more interesting label. Like beer, go to beer store to try a new unique beer, can’t decide between two that sound equally tasty but don’t want two, one with the cuter label wins. I often solve many doubts of indecision this way and if that doesn’t work, I have no shame of doing “Neenie, meenie, miney, mo” in the store. But I usually whisper it…If I don’t do this, I will end up standing in front of the beers for a verrrry looong time trying to decide. .:slight_smile:

  2. I can name almost any 80’s tune in less notes than they do on that show.

  3. I am big daydreamer. I honestly could spend all day just staring out the window at the birds not thinking of much, just watching the world go by and wonder about other peoples lives.

  4. Llike the other “pillowies” or “un-pillowies” here, I also need a special pillow “arrangement” when I sleep. Not for myself though but to keep the cats at bay from stepping on my head in the middle of the night and waking me up.The “Woog” pillow has to be next to my regular pillow. What is that you ask? Well, I bought a neck roll for my neck a bit back but one time, very crabbily asleep, was woken my one of my kitties (my kitty Woog actually is usually the culprit) stepping across my pillow on my head. Mad, I grabbed my neck roll and wacked her in the butt and she took off. Ever since, than all I have to do is even pick up the roll pillow or wave it at her and she takes off! Muahhhaa! Works like a charm! It is now approriately called “The Woog Pillow”. It keeps Woogs away at night. :slight_smile:

  5. I can watch my favorite movies over and over and over again (even on the same day!) and never get bored of them. Many people say this is a waste of time to watch the same movie more than once but than no one ever says this about food? Something that helps me feel better or escape from reality is never a waste of time!

1 I’m a geek and proud of it.

2 I only watch TV when out of town and that is to drown out the background noise.

3 I let very few people close to me, but those that I do allow I am fiercely loyal to.

4 I prefer mornings, it’s great when my granddaughter is over as she is also an early riser so from 5 to ≈ 8 am is our time.

5 I have a great wife and a good boss, although some days I might switch the order.

  • I’m brutally honest and my wife thinks that it drives people away from us… so at least in person, I tend to not speak much and have begun to be known as a great listener.

  • I’m slowly losing all my hair…I’m tempted many times to just shave it all off and quit worrying about it. It’s genetic and can’t be helped.

  • I fiercely pro science and scientific research…objections based on religion or philosophies (e.g. for stem cells or against using animals in medical research) get me very angry.

  • I love watching/listening to stand-up comics - George Carlin (R.I.P.) is my favorite.

  • I need to cut down on the time I spend on the internet…it has slowly become an addiction and I hate addictions.

  1. I have always wanted to be an acupuncturist. But the tuition is expensive and I seem to draw chaos into my life, so several times I’ve dropped out. The school’s policy is that evening students must finish within a maximum of 5 years, and they keep giving me extensions so now I’m on the 7th.

  2. In high school, I was treasurer of the taxidermy club. Gosh, somebody had to be in charge of ordering the fake eyes and formaldahyde.

  3. All the cars I’ve every owned have been Honda Civics. They all had names - Cindy, Agnes, Ignatius, Alice and Henry.

  4. A few years ago I worked at a school for inner city Native American youth. I participated in several sweat lodge ceremonies. That was, however, when my control poor and I was always running high. I presently would not be able to because I couldn’t risk having a hypo and falling face-first onto hot rocks.

  5. I cannot express in words how truly madly, deeply I love the music of Bob Dylan.

I was diagnosed when I was 3 in1958.

I love the outdoors. I ice fish, spring fish for trout, golf in the summer and hunt birds and deer in the fall, my freezer is always full, jack of all trades master of none…

I love my wife of more than 33 years more than anything beside my children. My daughter was diagnosed with D in 2006 at the age of 23. That “KILLS” me more than anything else.

I drink water. do not remember the last time I had a soda unless I was “low”.

Started pumping in 2008 “By my chose” and love it.

I LOVE beer too!

  1. I graduated first in my class in both high school and medical school. (College was unranked. ) Weird,huh? I’m not geeky, though.
  2. I was a competitive swimmer my entire childhood, until i trashed my rotator cuff and had surgery at age 17.
  3. My feet never smell, ever! No matter how sweaty or hot. Even if I wear sneakers barefoot. My husband and kids marvel at this!
  4. I could do the Rubic’s cube when I was ten.
  5. I’m really good at counting cards in blackjack. Could make a killing in the casinos before automated continuous shuffling.
  1. i still rub the edge of my blankie when i sleep

  2. i can still sleep “like a pig” even after downing 2 cups of strong coffee… @_@

  3. i can’t play basketball for nuts… but i was the college’s basketball club’s VP for 2 years

  4. diet coke / pepsi makes my tummy ache =(

  5. if you wanna see me cry… just show me a sad scene and i’ll tear up within seconds =P


  1. I am a HUGE Sting fan. I know every song (even from The Police era), nearly every lyric, lots of Sting trivia, etc.
    2.I’m really good at “leprechaun” jumping. That’s where you jump up and click your heals together mid air on one side, and then jump up and do it again on the other, and then repeat it over and over again. Seriously, I can out leprechaun jump almost anyone. I was in a leprechaun jumping contest once, and was SO sore the next day, I could barely stand. :slight_smile:
  2. I sleep with three different pillows. Two underneath my head, and one to the side of me, between my nightstand and my bed, mostly because I can’t stand it if my hand touches the night stand accidentally in the middle of the night, it will wake me up. Bringing me to the next random fact:
  3. I am the world’s lightest sleeper, I think. Seriously, any thing will wake me up. A squirrel could breathe 3 miles away, and I’d probably wake up from the “noise”. I worked the night shift for a straight year a few years ago, and I think it messed me up for good. I blame it on that.
  4. I am married to the best man EVER.
  1. I am a skater, I use a skateboard.
  2. I am learning Greek and Spanish.
  3. My favorite movie is Sweet November. I can watch it over and over and over all in the same day and still love it.
  4. I play the sax. My dad taught me how to play when I was 6 years old. I play the Alto and the Curved Bell Soprano saxaphone. My new bf John likes to listen to me play for him it put him to sleep when he had a bad day.
  5. I love working on cars. It does not have to be my car it can be anyones car. Although I do need to put a new alternator in my car. I may do it next week when I have some time.

Jennifer, I appreciate your poop aversion! I am a doctor, and I can’t tolerate VOMIT! If one of my patients starts throwing up, I am out the door or I start gagging too! Anything else is fine, but puke gets me everytime!

Erin, your number 2 and 4 made me smile! They made my day! I had no idea there was a leprechaun jumping contest - you never see anyone do that. Cool! I want to see one now!

I laughed at your squirrel breathing comment. That was so cute. I used to be a light sleeper like that too until I lost some of my hearing so now that I cant hear too well (without my aids) I don’t hear all those noises and sleep better - but I still wear ear plugs or cotton because I can stil hear the cat’s scratching around in the litter box! Go figure! Yeah, has to be dead quiet for me to sleep.

I LOVE Sting too! Funny I grew up in the 80’s so I should be more of a Police Fan than a Sting one but I just like Sting songs by himself better. “Until” is one of my favorites. :slight_smile:

  1. I am a “chilihead.” I eat absurdly hot things, food that is so hot it makes your face numb. I usually get an order of the “Flatliners” Buffalo Wings (

  2. I push mow my yard (1+ acre), just to get outside and exercise, despite having a garden tractor. My neighbors think I am a bonehead.

  3. I like watching movies, particularly sci fi and I really like B grade movies. I have probably a thousand DVDs, and once purchase 35 boxed complete sets in one escapade involving a “price mistake.” They came in fourteen separate shipments.

  4. I am an efficient sleeper, usually falling asleep withing 2-3 minutes of laying down and will go to sleep with the lights on while my wife is trying to talk to me. I am not sleep deprived, just efficient. My wife, the light sleeper, is very jealous.

  5. My wife and I have “book issues,” and despite constantly donating them, our house is always filled with them. I once broke the leaf springs on my truck moving books.

  1. I can pick up most anything with my toes. (There’s another member who can do the same. Let’s see if she fesses up to this!)

  2. I have a degree in anthropology & participated in an archaelogical dig, which was the most boring non-adventure imaginable.

  3. When I was a kid, I dreamed constantly I could fly.

  4. I love archery.

  5. I can’t stand movies that are “heartwarming.”

(Wish Missy would fix my old car & bsc would mow my lawn.)

Ok, have to admit i was thinking this discussion would not be as funny/cool as it actually is! 8)

  1. (although i am not the other member Gerri mentioned) I too can pick up almost anything w/ my ‘monkey toes’ (grosses my wife out that i can do this)

2.I love working on my house, it’s so much fun to tear things down and learn how to rebuild them to look so much better. (same w/ my auto’s I love to repair them myself (which is why i hate new cars).

3.I am a huge lifelong hockey fan, Started out w/ the Bruins,then when they were really bad it progressed to loving hockey in general, college/ minors/ NHL does not matter i’ll watch a game if it’s on…

  1. I went to school to be a History teacher, wound up w/ a history/theology degree, and took a random path to becoming a Mainframe computer developer/programmer. (you just never know where you’ll end up i guess) 8)

  2. I drink way to much coffee and was shocked (in a forehead slapping ‘DUH’ kind of way) the other day to discover it actually may affect my BG’s!!! now i need to figure out what to do about all this coffee i drink… 8)


Maybe we need a group for members with prehensile monkey feet:) Do you have high arches?